5 Steps to Writing Content that Converts: The Content Strategy

Writing Content that Converts Header

Every business these days has an online website or a social media account. That’s why creating content is so crucial and writing content that converts is even more important.

A website is where your clients see information about you and your services and where they can check your testimonials. Your social media platform of choice is where you make the connections. 

The content on both has to be spot on. As a copywriter myself, I have learned how to do this. There are specific tactics you need to employ to write good content. I have taken my knowledge and broke it down into 5 easy steps.

Here’s the strategy I use and you can follow to create high quality and engaging content.

The C Strategy, (cool name huh?) is made up of five steps and really breaks down what you need to know.

Step 1: Clarity 

Before you even pick up that pen or start up your computer, think about who the content is for. When you target your writing towards your dream client then you will see a difference. Believe me.

First get real clear on who that dream client is. Where will the content be seen? What is the purpose of the content? Narrow it down and get super-specific. This is the foundation that the rest of the steps are built upon.

When you have these things in place, then you can move on to step 2.

Step 2: Create

How do you write words that matter to your dream client?  It’s pivotal to infuse your content with the language and tone familiar to only them. Ideally, it should feel like you are speaking directly to them. This is why it’s important to have the foundations of step 1. If you find you’re not reaching your dream client then always go back to step 1 and dig deep.

As for the kind of content you can create here, that’s all dependant on your business. Generally, a blog is an effective way to reach a wider audience, although Instagram captions are pretty powerful too.

Step 3: Capture

You want your content to stand out from the crowd and grab the right attention. This means using the content you created and publishing it where you know your dream client is hanging out. Try Facebook groups or search the hashtags on Twitter. Again if you know your dream client then this will be a walk in the park, if this is a struggle then it’s a walk back to step 1 for you.

You can also capture your dream client by snagging their email address. This can be done by asking people to sign up to your mailing list and in exchange, they get a freebie related to their needs.

You can create beautiful email content to send out to them. This creates a regular connection. Just don’t forget to put your call to action at the bottom.

Step 4: Connect 

When you have captured their attention your dream client will contact you. They will be emailing and send you DM’s. Now it’s your turn to create the connection.

Don’t go into selling mode the minute you start communicating. Try and find out what they need help with. What are they struggling with? Then nurture this connection by providing solutions to their problems. You can show off your website, let them see the testimonials and answer any questions they may have.Of course, they may not want to see any of that and state they want to work with you and that’s great. This means your content has truly delivered.

Step 5: Convert 

If you have nurtured the connection your dream client will want to buy from you. However, saying they want to buy isn’t a confirmation.

You have to ensure the onboarding process is as smooth as possible. Be real clear on costs and all the finer details. Once the client signs your contract then you can say your content has converted them, but not before.

This is how you create content that is original, imaginative and engaging. When you follow each step your content will convert and you will find clients are seeking you out and they are excited to work with you.