5 Tips To Maximise Your Facebook Ads

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5 Tips To Maximise Your Facebook Ads

by girlsinmarketing

There’s no doubt that when it comes to both B2B and B2C marketing that Facebook has a lot to offer you and your business, from business growth to sales. However, for this to succeed you need to go beyond sharing great content if you want to get the highest return on investment. This includes using Facebook ads! 

When compared with other social account advertising tools, nothing quite compares or offers what Facebook does. This includes their advanced targeting tools, detailed insights, and the small (but well-known) fact that Facebook has the largest audience! All these tools, and the time Facebook has put into developing them, shows that Facebook is here to stay. So, check out my top 5 tips on maximising your Facebook Ads…

1. You don’t create successful ads, you build them

It’s often thought that for a campaign to be successful you must ‘create’ the success, But it’s not this easy. Rome wasn’t built in a day! For your campaign to be successful, you need to build it, work on it, lay the foundations and then keep working right up to the roof tiles. 

Develop a step-by-step system, starting by splitting your ad into different categories. I like to begin by focusing on my targeting; Who am I targeting? Where are they based? What information can we gather? Are all questions I like to focus on when considering the targeting step of my campaign. 

I then move across to Ad Design, including the image, text, headline, CTA and more. These steps allow you to not only get overwhelmed by the campaign, but give you a chance to focus on each section of the campaign to build success.

2. Use the right landing page to maximise your Facebook ads

Considering whether your landing page is the right landing page for your campaign, and what you want the user to do when they click onto the page, is key for your campaign’s success. 

If you’re wanting your customers to make a purchase, sending them to the contact us page before even showing them full product information will only lead to your customer being confused and clicking away. A specific ad landing page, or a well-designed product page with relevant information, or even an enticing ‘contact us’ page is perfect for encouraging the conversions you want from your audience!

3. Make the image(s) count

Using the right images, including engaging assets with CTAs, is a sure-fire way to encourage your audience to read your ad and take action! 

An interesting image or product image with a strong, bold CTA instructing your audience on what you want them to do is a great way of summarising your ad briefly. This allows the user, who may be scrolling quickly, to make a quick decision and lead to conversions. Especially if they’re using a mobile device! 

4. Test your campaigns

Use the split campaign feature, and test your campaigns!

This helps you to build a better picture of what your audience reacts well to, what they don’t enjoy, how they react to specific images, landing pages and so much more. This step is vital to building that all-important successful, and converting campaign! 

5. Target the right audience

You can target almost any audience using Facebook Ads. Using their precise ad targeting you can change the gender, age range, occupation, interests and so much more which will allow you to attract the right audience for your campaign. 

If you want to attract 30-40-year-old single women who love the gym, you can target them! If you want to attract 18-30-year-old men who work in construction, you can! The precise targeting tools on Facebook are there to help you, not intimidate you. Make use of them! 

With these 5 great tips and the knowledge you’ve got on your product or service, you’re going to be well on your way to building and maximizing, a fantastic ad campaign. Good luck!