6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Sometimes posting on social media can feel like talking to a brick wall – you post, post, post but seem to get nothing back. Follow these top tips to improve your social media engagement and get those comments flowing.

1. Ask Questions

This is the most overused tip for this topic. You know that you need to ask questions, but are you asking the right ones? You’re starting a conversion, so ask questions that are specific to your audience. This includes asking for personal experiences or opinions on something that relates directly to topics they are interested in. Try and ask questions where people can add opinions that they think you haven’t thought of – people like their opinion to mean something.

2. Make Visual Content

People are naturally drawn to images and graphics, so use this to your advantage. Simply adding emojis can elevate a post to be more eye-catching. Also, don’t be ashamed to re-use photos in other ways such as in new curated content – you’ll really make the most out of one image.

As well as photos, videos are a great way of improving engagement. Your audience will appreciate visual content, as it is more shareable. If people enjoy what you’re posting they’ll be more likely to share, like or comment.

3. Share Other People’s Content

Even if you’re just reposting a video that someone else has posted or retweeting a trending post, people will still interact with it. Sharing content posted by others will improve your reach and show that you are familiar with trending and popular brands. However, don’t just share anything. Make sure that you’re sharing content that is:

  • relevant to your brand and key topics
  • engaging for your audience – you want to post content that they will enjoy

4. Use RELEVANT Hashtags (the BEST way to improve your social media engagement)

Hashtags are a fantastic way to interact with a social media platform and engage an audience. However, they only work if they’re used efficiently and strategically. Adding hundreds of hashtags at the end of a post will tend to cause more annoyance than engagement, so make sure every hashtag you use has a purpose.

Creating your own hashtag is a great way of engaging your audience, as they can post about you and use the hashtag to connect. This also allows you to see who is engaging so that you can interact with them more – such as by liking their post that uses your hashtag.

Using hashtags on Twitter is especially useful, as it’s easy to predict which hashtags will be trending. General hashtags such as #MondayMotivation, #FridayFeeling and #ThrowbackThursday are likely to be trending every week. By using these, you can plan your content in advance and it will still be relevant to a real-time trending hashtag.

5. Use Polls and Surveys

Instagram stories have made this incredibly easy. However, polls are useful on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This allows your audience to give their opinion without the commitment of having to comment on a post. Therefore, you’re more likely to get responses. Once a person has replied to a poll, they will get more comfortable with engaging with your content. Soon, they’ll be engaging with most things that you post.

6. Post Frequently and Use Optimal Times

Social media is a 24/7 open business. Make sure that your channels are constantly active so that your audience knows you’re still around. It is also vital that your posts reflect the hottest trends and latest news.

People post on social media A LOT, so it’s easy for some of your posts to go unnoticed. Enhance your chances of being seen by scheduling your content to be posted at optimal times. People are most active on social media at 11am, 3pm and 8pm; weekdays are busier than weekends and Wednesday is the busiest day. It is also possible to use analytics to see exactly when your audience is the most active. Use these times to post content, but make sure to schedule important posts outside of these times so that they get seen. Don’t be afraid to post the same content on separate channels at different times of the day to really heighten your chances.

Suzie Letts
Hey, I’m Suzie! I’ve recently finished my undergraduate degree at King’s College London and currently work as a Social Media Marketing Officer for an international music summer school. As a musician, I love writing and performing everything from classical to musical theatre. I specialise in social media marketing in the arts, specifically music and I can’t wait to see where my journey in marketing takes me!