A Day in the Life of a Social Media Marketing Officer

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A day in the life of a social media marketer is harder to explain as it should be it as no two days look the same. I’m going to round up what a ‘normal’ day in the office looks like for a social media marketing officer. 

8:00am – Commute

My drive to work is around 30-minutes, and most of that is sat in traffic. I find the best way to start the day is to be productive, (I do this now so I can sing along to Taylor Swift on the way home). I start my day by learning Spanish. 

8:30am – Plan your day 

I’m a pen and paper gal, I simply write down absolutely everything that needs doing for the week and split it up into days. So when I walk into the office, I already know everything I need to achieve for the day. Always set yourself small goals as well, such as catch up with a colleague, call someone instead of email etc. 

9:00am – Team Coffee 

I’ll always start the day with a quick catch up with the team, either informal with my colleagues or a formal Monday morning meeting with the whole of MarComms. It’s important to always keep an ear out to listen to what your colleagues are working on and pick up on the information that needs to go out on social media. 

Now is when I upload to Instagram Stories so I don’t have to worry about putting anything up before lunch.

9:45am – Creative time 

Now I’ve got my caffeine fix I get going with my creative projects. I use this time to work up a new blog post, design a new email template, upcoming Instagram stories etc. I keep a big calendar on my desk so I can see when campaigns are going live, new products are launching or any PR related content so I can visually prioritise my work.

11:00am – Social media checks 

I’ll spend sometime mid-morning to check what’s been going on in the news to see if anything relates to my social channels. If there is I’ll write up some social media content to discuss the news, most likely on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram stories. Next, I’ll reply to content on other creators pages to discuss the news and interact (only if I’m knowledgable on the topic). Flipboard is a great app to find stories related to your sector 

Think it as three stages: Read | Share | Interact 

11:30am – Sticking with social media 

While on social media I check any interactions that have happened on my channels, this includes replying to messages, liking people’s comments and setting people up with the customer support team if they need it. 

12:00pm – Lunch time! 

Not much happens here, I’ve already spent the morning discussing what to eat for lunch so as soon as it’s 12 I’m ready. 

1:00pm – Free for all 

My afternoons usually get a little bit more manic. There could be anything from a photoshoot or video recordings, a 2-hour meeting for a recruitment campaign (with snacks), meetings with suppliers, interviews with influencers or customers, campaign brainstorming sessions… I usually try and plan my afternoons to be more physical than sitting at the computer so I don’t end up with the 2pm slump. 

4:00pm – Admin time

Back at the desk with a coffee in hand, I try to give myself one last hour to iron out some more admin pieces. I’ll schedule social media post, update Instagram stories, write any design briefs I need doing, look on KissMetrics, check on my Facebook Ads and pull some reports together highlighting the KPI’s for the day/week. 

5:00pm – Home time 

Now I’ve already had the productive drive I can happily drive home knowing I can listen to music, call somebody or listen to my favourite podcast guilt-free. 

Alice Mutch
Hey, I'm Alice! I've recently started my new Marketing and Operations Manager role for an online sports training company after quitting my job to travel around South America. I love travelling and experiencing new things, even watching football games in the pouring rain! I love experimenting and creating bold, engaging content and I hope you enjoy my hints and tips!