A Girl Power Community: The Digital Marketing Revolution


A Girl Power Community: The Digital Marketing Revolution

by girlsinmarketing

The digital marketing industry is growing daily. The more popularity it gains, the more it brought the realisation that there isn’t truly somewhere a marketing girl can have a community around her. There are countless “online communities” that claim to support those who are working their hardest in an ever-changing industry, but nothing that is revolutionary. That’s where Girls in Marketing comes in. After working freelance part-time at University on various projects then graduating and starting a full-time job in an in-house marketing department, I gained a lot of knowledge around the sector. Yet, I always felt like something was missing. Slowly, I realised it was the lack of advice, support and empowerment I was given during the days I doubted myself, especially when it came to my ability to do a great job.

Our Aim

The aim here is to create a space where girls and women of all ages can come and learn more about the industry they love and wish to succeed in. How are we going to do this? Through people like you. We’re going to need the best people in the industry to give their personal experience and advice for everyone to read and learn more. It’s about empowering women around the world and showing those who ever doubted us that we’re some of the best people to do the job. Contribute in whatever way you see fit, even if it’s simply commenting on our social media posts.

Our Resources

If it’s your first time on our website, you may not know about our resources yet. The resources section of the website features all different guides and planners to help you through your daily life as a digital marketing gal. Initially we are launching with only a few resources available but as the community grows, we aim to grow our resources too.

It’s not all about being online and support on a screen. We’re hoping to organise marketing conferences and meet-ups to further support those in the industry. Digital marketing is a difficult sector to master but learning from the best people, those who have already reached success should help those who are still struggling through the basics. These events will be showcased in our events section when they start to roll out. Keep in mind that we’re UK based and while we want to support women globally, it may only be possible to organise events here in the UK. Despite this, if you’re someone who wants to help organise an event somewhere else in the world, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to have a chat about what you’re planning.

Our Promise

We want to bring about a website, resource centre and social media channels that support and help you throughout growing your online presence and during your marketing career. It may be that you’re not someone in the marketing industry, you’re just someone who wants to learn more or gain knowledge in the area – don’t worry, you’re all welcome here. We promise to give you a space to learn more without judgement!

How Can I Help?

There are multiple ways you can get involved with our community and help us grow. If you have some wisdom or feel you should share a personal story about your experience in the digital marketing industry, contribute to our blog. We accept guest posts and would be more than happy to link back to your blog or website as long as it fits with our content.

Those of you who think you have an idea for a resource that would help out our community, message us. Join our community through social media channels and share our content with your audience to spread the love and show other marketing girls there is a community of empowering women waiting for them.

Even if you can’t do any of these, take a look around and enjoy what you read – take away some vital and possibly life-changing advice then implement it into your career. Make the most of this free platform as we will only expand and get better with time. But this isn’t without your help. The community we’re building is a revolutionary one. There is no time or space for people who knock down others, we’re only about empowering and helping each other out. If that sounds like something you would enjoy – get involved.