Finding a Place for Audio in a Wide Content Strategy

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Finding a Place for Audio in a Wide Content Strategy

by Sophie Thirlwell

For those working in marketing and looking to include audio in your strategy for 2021, we’re here to help. What audio opportunities are out there? How can it meet your objectives? What place does audio have in a wide content marketing strategy? Read on to find out!

Advances in Audio 

Audio has advanced quickly over the last couple of years, and throughout lockdown, there has been a huge advance in its use. The growth of podcasts, development in tech and the way we listen to audio is ever-changing. The rise of smart speakers, lack of commuting and higher demand for audio products means we, as consumers, have more opportunity than ever to listen. This, in turn, means more opportunity for brands to advertise.

As more and more brands invest marketing budgets into audio platforms, marketers need to weigh up what’s best for their business, and how it fits into a wide content strategy. 

Podcasting – is it for everyone? 

Including digital audio in your marketing strategy can be done cost-effectively. Due to the nature of it being digital, you can learn what platforms work best for you, and optimise your marketing spend. The one thing to be aware of is just because your competitors are buying audio adverts, doesn’t mean you have to. 

Let’s look at podcasts. Everyone’s making one, everyone wants to advertise on one! From pre-roll adverts to an advert read by the host. Podcasts are ideal for creating a community of returning listeners, which can help strengthen your brand and business.

Podcast adverts are popular with brands because when placed in the right show, you are engaging a really captive audience who are listening with a purpose. On top of this, a live-read by a host means you as a brand just need to submit the key objectives you want to communicate and the audio advert is created for you. Win-win!

If you are running adverts with a podcast network, or a show, in particular, make sure to create a campaign around this. Ensure paid social and wider digital marketing is happening around the dates your podcast activity is live. This way, you can target listeners of the podcast so when they leave their podcast app and open Instagram, your advert will be there waiting for them. You’ll have a much higher chance of ad recall. 

Video & Audio

When thinking about buying ads across Spotify, podcasts or radio, you must create audio native to this space. Audio that accompanies a video tends to work well in a social ad and on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok

By creating audio native to the platform you’ll be distributing on, you increase the chance of it being effective. 

Behaviours and Your Brand

We mentioned the changes in people commuting to work, and when, where and how people listen to the audio. 

Now that the lack of daily commute has gifted everyone with more time in their day, listening habits have changed. Radio is widely listened to in cars and offices, and listeners may now tune in at home more often. Think about your brand and the behaviour of your audiences, when are your target audience going to be most engaged with your advert? And on what platform?

Wider Campaign 

Audio should be supported by a wider campaign to create a halo effect. By doing this you’ll ensure you have marketing that is ticking brand awareness and direct response. 

Always ask radio stations, podcast hosts and podcast providers, what other value and marketing can be added across platforms. Does the station have a newsletter you can feature in? Can the host create some social posts? This will help migrate listeners of your advert around the internet for you to capture. 

The key takeaway is to ensure audio is created for the platform you want to distribute on. Test small amounts of a budget with digital audio, and see how it delivers for you. There are so many opportunities to build up to bigger sponsorships or national radio campaigns. The number of devices available means there will always be audiences ready to consume content. Have fun with it!