8 of the Best Websites for Marketing Students

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8 of the Best Websites for Marketing Students

by Laura Robinson

At Girls in Marketing, we’ve found some of the best websites for marketing students that we couldn’t live without! Most of these are perfect for when you’re a student but some will also come in handy after you’ve left uni.

1. Canva

As a marketing student, being creative with your assignments is key. Canva has so many useful creative templates you can access for free and up your creative designs. It’s really simple to use and creates professional-looking designs. We used this lots in uni but more recently when interviewing for grad jobs. Some marketing interviews will set you a creative task such as ‘outline a Marketing campaign for a product including designs’. Which Canva will be a lifesaver for!

2. CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing)

If you’re a marketing student, CIM will be your go-to site. Especially when it comes to definitions or finding out exactly what certain marketing jargon means. CIM is our go-to always, even in life after uni. Most unis will give you free membership to the CIM so you can access their member’s content, but if not the content hub is beneficial. The content hub has the CIM Newsroom which is a great place to look at the latest marketing news and trends. If you’re looking for other sites to stay up to date, you might find our ‘5 ways to stay up to date with Marketing news and trends‘ blog useful. 

3. Citethisforme

Citethisforme is a site that allows you to add the details of your reference (e.g. book/website/journal) and then formats it to your chosen reference style (e.g. Harvard). You can add them as you go and it will keep a record of them so you can easily build your bibliography at the end. This site will be such a time saver as well as ensuring your references are formatted properly.

4. Coursera

Coursera offers students free access to thousands of online courses. It’s really useful if you’re looking to learn more about a specific subject, including lots of marketing subjects. There’s so many to choose from and they’re all rated by students and state which level they’re suitable for.

5. Google Scholar

This is the best tool for finding academic texts. You can enter keywords and tonnes of results will come up, so much easier than reading actual textbooks! Using ctrl+f works on Google Scholar too so you can search any keywords and find content quickly. This is so useful for any assignment but definitely for your dissertation.

6. Google Slides/Docs/Sheets

Google Slides, Docs and Sheets are a great way to work on group projects because it allows everyone to edit at the same time, see who’s working on what and see what edits have been made. Everything saves automatically too and you can revert to a previous version which is super helpful! Many companies now work on Google so it’s a key skill you can mention in interviews to show you’re workplace ready.

7. Grammarly

One of the best websites for marketing students is Grammarly. It’s simple to install and checks your spelling and grammar (which is sometimes missed on Word/Google Docs). You can lose marks in assignments or more importantly job applications if you make a typo, so downloading Grammarly will massively help this.

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a site every Marketer/Marketing student should be on. The content, opportunities and general online community on LinkedIn are amazing. Having a strong CV is important, but these days you also need a professional online presence. Particularly in the marketing industry, LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool used by almost all marketing professionals. So it’s the perfect place to connect with other marketers, interact and learn. If you want to learn more about LinkedIn, check out our ‘how to use LinkedIn to kick-start your marketing career‘ blog post.

Bonus: Girls in Marketing

Of course, we have a lot of resources for students at Girls in Marketing. You can check out our career & student advice section for plenty of useful tips and go-to’s! We pride ourselves in helping aspiring marketers achieve their goals.