Boosting Business Through COVID-19

Boosting Business Through COVID-19

Whether you’re part of an agency or working for a brand, the likelihood is your working day will have changed, as will your marketing strategy amid the outbreak of COVID-19. Boosting business through COVID-19 isn’t impossible either.

With colleagues and friends being furloughed, many of us in digital marketing are in the fortunate position that we are able to work from anywhere and see some level of results. I work for an agency and there are only two of us in the digital marketing team. My superstar apprentice has only been with us since October so is still learning all the time. The last few weeks have been a huge test for her. However, it’s also challenging for me too. We’re still trying to assist our clients the best we can and offer up as much support and guidance to guide them on what we should be doing.

Business During a Pandemic

The last few weeks have been chaotic. From the government leaving some industries in the dark as to what the next few months have in store for them, to some businesses having to close completely either for financial reasons, or to protect their own health and wellbeing. The knee-jerk reaction of many smaller businesses has been to focus on staying afloat, with their digital marketing falling down the priority list. Other businesses are seeking out new opportunities to grow their business and have fun with their marketing and as a result, are flourishing.

No matter what your position is, it’s vital that you focus on the future. Don’t allow your business, brand or clients to take a step back from digital. Gently push them to keep going and you’ll be the ones coming out on top when normality resumes. What’s important is how you go about doing this; there are a few key points it’s clear that you should be sticking to.

Scale Back The Selling

Firstly, bare in mind that your audience’s financial situations may have changed over the last few weeks. It’s going to take time for everyone to feel a little more frivolous with their hard earned cash. This means selling shouldn’t be at the heart of what you’re doing right now. Yes, you still need the sales to keep coming in. However, mix up your content to show you’re sensitive to the situation and you’ll be respected for doing that.

The biggest no-no right now is to prey upon the situation. The worst thing you can is profiteer, people are savvy and quick to cotton on. Not only will this damage your brand now, but you won’t be where they turn once life returns to normal.

Also, offer up help and support businesses around you, and they’ll do the same back. All over the country we’re seeing community spirit make a comeback and there’s no reason why this can’t apply within business to an extent too. Let your marketing be a celebration of not only your brand, but of the country pulling together to help each other through this difficult time.

The Power of Positivity

The power of positivity really is shining through right now. Yes, everyone is feeling the pain of the current situation but there is no point dwelling on it at this point. Also, when you’re sitting down on an evening where are you escaping to? I’d place my bets on that being social media or Netflix!

Keep your content positive no matter what happens. Have fun with what you’re putting out there and keep any important announcements and information succinct and contained so your audience is still kept in the loop, but aren’t faced with constant bad news when they log on.

Sensitivity Is Key

Leading on from this is to add more of a sensitive undertone to everything that you’re doing. Businesses not being sensitive to the ongoing situation stick out like a sore thumb and it’s incredibly jarring to see posts which seem to suggest everything is normal. It could be a simple change of wording or just a reassuring post which will add warmth to your brand and set you apart from the rest.

Make It Personal

Finally, despite everything going on, have fun! Use this ‘new normal’ time as a chance to switch up what you’re putting out there. At this point, there are no expectations for content to be perfectly polished within an inch of its life as life just isn’t perfect right now. It’s a great chance to give a business more of a personality as people are enjoying seeing how brands are adapting and it’s giving them a personality. It may not be what is usually expected of you, but right now that’s fine. 

Emma Nesham
Hey, I'm Emma! I graduated in Marketing Management in 2018 and since then I have been working as a Digital Marketing Executive for a North Yorkshire agency. I manage lots of clients as well as our own marketing strategy so I'm always learning new skills to suit the wide range of projects I work on. I love writing, photography and graphic design and I'm lucky enough to do a bit of everything within my role!