The Girls in Marketing Business Pairing Programme is designed to give more students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain experience in marketing. Work experience (whether it’s paid or unpaid) is an essential element of your CV when you leave university, which is why we’ve set up this business pairing programme. Not only does this benefit students and graduates, we also work with start-up businesses and nonprofits who may not have money to pay a large amount for marketing efforts.

Essentially, there are two aspects of this programme. 

  1. We want to encourage more employable skills for students and recent graduates by offering experience to work within a business.
  2. We want to help smaller businesses and nonprofits who struggle to set themselves up in our digital world with their marketing efforts.

For Students/Graduates

Getting experience in the marketing world isn’t easy, especially if you’ve never had a professional marketing job before. We get it and want to help you out. 

We are working with small businesses and start-ups who need help with marketing and will be advertising both paid and unpaid opportunities. While don’t directly pair you with these businesses, we will give you the information to contact them yourself and ultimately it will be the businesses decision who they choose. However, if you don’t get an opportunity straight away, don’t worry! We’re always looking for more businesses to work with and will strive to help you get that essential experience for your CV.

An educated queen is a successful one, but sometimes University isn’t good enough on it’s own (and that’s just the unfortunate reality of the business world!). You’ve got to have experience with practical marketing skills as well as the theory. Which is why we’ve started this programme.

If you’re a student or recent graduate, fit the requirements and are wanting to be a part of this programme, you just need to fill in the form below. You will then get an invitation to a professional Slack channel where we will post the marketing opportunities. 

Initially, we will be limiting this programme to 200 members so we can get people the experience they need. We will open and close this programme throughout the year to ensure more people get the chance to be involved. 

Did we mention? This programme is totally FREE!

Student/Graduate Requirements

  • 1 year or less marketing experience (if you have more experience than this, you will not be considered).
  • Current UK student or recent graduate (but graduated in 2017 or after).
  • Happy to commit to a business if they decide to work with you.

Click here to fill in the Student/Graduate Form

For Businesses

Girls in Marketing is a community platform of thousands of marketing professionals and those starting out in the marketing industry. We have a combined following on social media of over 30,000 people. We have the platform and want to help you/your business out with marketing.

We’re looking for businesses who need help and assistance with marketing and would like to offer experience to those who need to build up their CV with more practical skills. If you’re able to pay someone (but for a lower price than you would with an employee or freelancer) this is great. However, we understand you may not be able to pay anything – that’s fine too. Please just state this when filling in the form below so that we know how to advertise the opportunity with your business.

If you would be interested in this for your business or know others who would, there is no charge. 

All we ask is that you treat the individual you work with respectfully and don’t expect them to do full-time hours (as a lot of our network have part-time jobs while at university or after graduating). We also ask that you refer us via social media and other channels so we can continue to grow and help other small businesses!

Please read the business requirements. If you’re eligible, email the contact below (providing you’d like some marketing help from a student or graduate). After emailing, you will receive reply from us with more details (within 5 working days). We can get advertising your opportunity.

Business Requirements

  • Your business was set up after 2017 (OR) is a non-profit organisation (OR) has been heavily impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.
  • You’re willing to treat the student or graduate with respect. Please don’t expect them to work full-time hours if the opportunity is unpaid.
  • You talk about using our Business Pairing Programme on social media after you’ve successfully been paired with a student or graduate.
  • Happy to share feedback with Girls in Marketing after you’ve advertised an opportunity and started working with a student or graduate.

Register your business interest by emailing Cerys (our Community Engagement Manager) –

Please add ‘Business Pairing Programme {Your Business Name}’ as the subject line of the email.

Our Current Success Stories

Student Story

“Thank you for the Girls in Marketing platform. I got the opportunity with a small start-up beauty brand and I’m SO happy. After applying for 200+ jobs/internships to finally be offered even an interview was amazing. I wouldn’t have found this without your platform.” – Courtney Glover, Current Marketing Volunteer

Business Story

“I’ve found two lovely girls via the programme, they are now starting to work on my social media and other marketing aspects under two amazing women who mentor me in Digital marketing and PR. This has been such an amazing find! As a start up of course we are always looking for ways we can reduce our costs but also this will be valuable experience for the girls! I feel super happy I now have some help and also that I’m offering the girls an opportunity! Thank you so much for this insightful programme, it’s helping both the girls in marketing and us as a newbie businesses too.” – Stacey Sharp, Founder of Retreatmi