Our FREE Business Pairing Programme (for Marketing Help)

The Girls in Marketing Business Pairing Programme is no longer running

The Girls in Marketing Business Pairing Programme was designed to give more students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain experience in marketing. Work experience (whether it’s paid or unpaid) is an essential element of your CV when you leave university, which is why we set up this business pairing programme. Not only does this benefit students and graduates, we also worked with start-up businesses and nonprofits who may not have had money to pay a large amount for marketing efforts.

Our Success Stories

Student Story

“Thank you for the Girls in Marketing platform. I got the opportunity with a small start-up beauty brand and I’m SO happy. After applying for 200+ jobs/internships to finally be offered even an interview was amazing. I wouldn’t have found this without your platform.” – Courtney Glover, Current Marketing Volunteer

Business Story

“I’ve found two lovely girls via the programme, they are now starting to work on my social media and other marketing aspects under two amazing women who mentor me in Digital marketing and PR. This has been such an amazing find! As a start up of course we are always looking for ways we can reduce our costs but also this will be valuable experience for the girls! I feel super happy I now have some help and also that I’m offering the girls an opportunity! Thank you so much for this insightful programme, it’s helping both the girls in marketing and us as a newbie businesses too.” – Stacey Sharp, Founder of Retreatmi