How to Upscale Your Digital Marketing Strategy in a Post Coronavirus World

digital marketing post coronavirus

The Coronavirus crisis has seen marketeers left confused, anxious and apprehensive. Your marketing strategy may have been put on hold.  But there are ways to carry on in a way that is appropriate and sensitive to the current situation.

Let’s take a look at digital marketing post coronavirus and how you can ensure your strategy remains successful.

Take a Step Back

In order to move forward you must take a step back from your strategy and review the bigger picture. Without a doubt you had set goals and KPI’s that your strategy was built around, but these may no longer be valid. In order to formulate an effective strategy, you need clear goals and methods to implement them. Morris Chang said, ‘Without strategy, execution is aimless, without execution, strategy is useless.’

Prioritise and Re-evaluate

 Re-evaluate your activities, do you need to accelerate your digitalisation strategy to replace more traditional methods such as events and print advertising? There are so many digital platforms and tools available, if you’ve been looking to get creative then this is a great opportunity to do so.

Explore New Digital Platforms

Businesses seem to be advertising less at the moment due to budget cuts and halts on spending. But now is the time to grow your marketing activities to remind customers you are still available and there to support them. As so many of us are at home and working remotely the number of people online has never been so high. In fact, some online services such as Netflix and Microsoft Teams have had to adapt to be able to provide the service to such as a high number of users compared to normal. 

This has created a massive change in supply and demand in online advertising and according to Neil Patel, the price of digital advertising has dropped to a much lower level compared to pre-COVID19 and therefore return on investment is great right now.

This could be a great opportunity to grow your following or to drive traffic to your site with even a modest budget that wouldn’t usually cover most traditional advertising fees.

What Can You Do Instead?

If you were planning an event, then sadly, but the for the safety of us all this is likely to be no longer going ahead or at least not in the same way as you had planned. There are lots of virtual ways to engage with your audience that you could try. Perhaps you had planned an event where you wanted to provide an experience to your consumers.

Try Augmented Reality

You could try offering a virtual or augmented reality experience. Augmented reality is a video experience that doesn’t require your viewers to have any specialist equipment. It includes applying image filters or being able to virtually try on clothing or even to be transported into another ‘world’.

Augmented reality is a relatively new technology and hasn’t been utilised by most businesses. This type of content often has high engagement rates and can be shared amongst networks. Creating this content doesn’t have to be too complicated or costly with tools such as Zapworks.

Utilise Video Content 

If you are looking for something a little less complex or something you can create fairly quickly then video is something you should certainly be looking at if you aren’t already. Creating video content has never been easier or more cost-effective with 100’s of free tools available on the internet.

Research from the Global Web Index showed that since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, 51% of the GEN Z demographic have consumed more online video, with millennial’s not so far behind. 

We hope these tips have helped you in upscaling your digital marketing post coronavirus and will ensure you’re successful in future too.