Girl, do you really want to secure that full-time marketing position?

The world of employability is difficult and we know it is. That's why we offer our community of Girls in Marketing a range of employability and business services tailored to you for an affordable price. Why should you have to burn a hole in your pocket just to not land that job? You shouldn't. We're here to help you out with employability and business related worries!


CV Analysis and Feedback

Let us read over your CV and analyse where you're going wrong. We'll give you pointers on how to improve it as well as feedback about your writing and lots more. Your CV has the ability to land you an interview for your dream role, don't let mistakes get in the way of that! The feedback given can be given via a 15 minute phone call or simply over a detailed email (whichever you prefer!).

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What people are saying about our CV sessions

We've helped hundreds of people with our CV analysis and feedback sessions since we started offering them. In fact, we get a lot of positive feedback from community members praising the feedback as in-depth and well thought out. Here's what a few people have said about their session.


Final Year University Student

Thank you again for the advice and constructive feedback on my CV last week, it was really eye-opening and much appreciated. I have made adjustments to it and feel a lot more confident applying to positions now.


Young Marketing Professional

It was such a pleasure speaking to Olivia and I cannot thank her enough for her time as I know we went over! I'm so glad I signed up for this opportunity as it was really insightful to get her advice and feedback. Our talk has given me the confidence to start believing in myself and my skillset more and get the ball rolling into my new career!


1 Hour One-to-One

Chat about future prospects, ask for advice, and just find some comfort when chatting with Olivia about your marketing career. If you're struggling with a particular task at work/for an interview, a 60-minute meeting might be what you need to get your creative juices flowing.

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I just wanted to thank you for the 1-hour one-to-one session. I came away so clear about my freelancing journey and having more of a vision about what I want to do. Everything is so much more structured now and have already started putting things in place!

Georgia - Freelance Marketing Consultant


Mock Interview and Detailed Feedback

A one-to-one 30 minute 'mock' interview via Zoom or phone call to help you prepare for that once in a lifetime interview. As well as the 30-minute interview, we will then give you some detailed feedback on things you could have done better as well as the positive parts of the interview (because girl, we're all about empowerment here!)

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