Epica 25: Europe’s Best Advertising Book Review

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Epica 25: Europe’s Best Advertising Book Review

by Esther Méndez

In this marketing book review, we’re exploring Epica 25: Europe’s Best Advertising. Advertising is an important discipline within marketing as it’s always present, though people may not always be aware of it. That’s the beauty of it, and the magic of excellent creatives and publicists.

In today’s world, advertising uses every possible media to get its message through. Banners on websites and social, print ads on walls, buses, the tube, TV commercials…they are everywhere around us!

Who Is This Book for?

If you are into creative advertising or would like to further your career in this direction, not only you’ll need to be as hands-on and inventive as possible, but will also have to keep track of previous and current campaigns.

If this is your case, Epica Book 25 is a must! As it’s considered the only reference on European advertising that features print publications and television commercials, Internet sites, and integrated marketing campaigns.

In this post, we will review the 25th annual edition, which coincides with their 25th-anniversary celebration and features more than 850 TV Commercials, posters, press ads, radio spots, promotions, internet sites, graphic design projects, integrated campaigns, direct marketing, branded content and innovative media operations honoured in the 2011/12 Epica awards.

Epica 25 showcases all of the winners together, with a good selection of other high-scoring entries.

It is conveniently arranged by product category, with over 900 high-quality colour images and creative credits and translations.

Let’s Review the top 4 Most Impressive Campaigns From Epica 25:


Edding markers can be used virtually everywhere except online – until now.

So, how can you promote a marker pen on the internet? Flash banners introduced the first “digital highlighter”, which enabled users to drag the marker with their mouse, use it to highlight online texts, then save them as PDF files, email them, or share them via social networks. The highlighter worked on any website with text, regardless of the browser being used.

81% if users added the highlighter to their digital toolbar.

You can see the creatives here.


It’s not easy for a furniture brand to stand out from the competition, but Micasa came up with a witty promotion. Many of its products are named after people- such as Marlene, Clara and Joe. So the idea was simple: if you find an item with your name on it, you can buy it half price. That is, as long as you can prove your identity. This thought led to a popular campaign supported by TV and outdoor ads, while some buyers actively searched for people with the name of the product they wanted.


Monoprix, France’s leading city-centre supermarket chain, created new packaging to give more visibility and impact on its own-label products. The actual contents are not shown, just name in big capital letters accompanied by an amusing comment or word-play.

2,000 products received this treatment. The graphic look also translated to advertising in shop windows and on billboards across France, with the slogan, “not your every day every day”.

Clearly inspired by Pop Art, the design is bold yet optimistic and underlines Monoprix’s message: daily life should be beautiful and fun.


The Evian babies are famous the world over as symbols of the water’s purity and “youth-giving” properties. In the latest take on the idea, baby torsos printed on the t-shirts of adults come to life and dance thanks to brilliant stop-motion photography. Drink Evian and “live young”.


We hope you enjoy our Epica 25: Europe’s Best Advertising book review. Reading marketing books can help boost your knowledge of the career field in so many ways. You can read some of our other book reviews too to feel inspired!