Everything You Need To Know About Google Ad Grants

Google ad grants header

There are a few great grants and supports offered by Google to help you get the ball rolling on your google ad campaigns, and with a quick and easy application process, there’s no reason to let these slip on by! 


The most common Google Ads grant is available to all non-profit organisations that hold a charity status, meaning that if you’re marketing a fantastic charity you’ve got the option to advertise on Google for free and increase donations. The easier it is to donate, the more likely it is that people will donate! 

Before applying for this grant, you have to be enrolled in the Google for Nonprofits scheme. This allows you access to the ‘G-Suite’, which sounds like a swish cocktail bar to me! But actually, this platform demonstrates everything Google can offer your charity organisation in terms of additional marketing, from email marketing to Google Ads, Youtube advice and even how to display your organisation on Google Earth.

There are a few other requirements of the grant that you have to meet and adhere to for your application to be eligible. These include having a high-quality website! Google ads grants have an easily accessible and relatively strict website policy, allowing you to ensure you meet this requirement before applying. 

You must also acknowledge and agree to Google’s required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use. This allows Google to continue helping charities across the world with the grant. 

Google My Business

I’m sure you’ve all heard, or seen the Google My Business platform. This is a great platform for demonstrating the address, contact details, opening information and more of a business. This is also where reviews are written and stored on Google!

When you become a user of GMB, Google offers you up to £90 free to use to hit the ground running with a Google Ads campaign, meaning that not only will your GMB page be the first thing to be seen on Google when people search for it, but also your Google Ads too. 

This small, but very useful grant is great for those wanting to start using Google Ads, but aren’t 100% where to begin and don’t want to waste money away. With a free, small grant you’ve got nothing to lose from trialling a Google Ad campaign, and seeing where the wind takes you and your business! 

Pandemic Ad Credits

If you are currently using Google Ads as an SME then you are eligible for Ad Credits during the pandemic to help you support your business. Google are investing a massive $340 million into this scheme that’s available to SMEs to use towards future ad campaigns until the end of 2020. This commitment from Google is a part of their larger commitment towards supporting SMEs, health organisations, governments and more worldwide.

To be eligible for the ad credit you need to have been advertising online with Google for 10 out of the 12 months in 2019, and January/February this year. This shows Google your consistent use of google ads. You must also be adhering to all advertising policies. 

If you believe that you are eligible then just sit and hold tight! From late May onwards, Google will be rolling out the ad credits in phases, with the amount each SME will receive varying from customer to customer. If you are eligible then you will be notified by Google and you will see that the ad credits have been applied within your account. 

Google has a great range of grants and ad credits available to you if you’re wanting to market your business online, so why not give it a try?