How Brands Use Storytelling on Their Campaigns

How brands use storytelling on their campaigns

The human being has evolved and gone through different historical periods. We have overcome wars, diseases, economic crises, the technological boom… But there is something that has always been there: the way we tell stories. And the brands know it.

Ironically, the more access to technology we have and the better we use it, the more we prefer to listen to what someone in the flesh has to say to us (even virtually).

It is a fact that most consumers prefer a personalised experience with their favourite brands rather than advertising. Let’s take a look at how these brands use storytelling to their advantage…

Going back to basics

The trend shows we are more likely to buy goods from people than from inanimate companies. Brands are fully aware of this phenomenon and use stories to connect with their audience. This connection through storytelling results in greater engagement, loyalty and sales.

So, if you ever want to get started in this area, you should have something to tell and be authentic. If customers think that what you’re telling is false, you are in trouble because you’ll get the opposite effect from what you were looking for and this will impact directly on your brand’s reputation.

Here are some examples of storytelling campaigns in a variety of sectors and formats:


The host and travel platform, knows that the best way to generate a good brand reputation is through the personal experiences shared by its own users. They have a section dedicated to testimonials, called Stories from the Airbnb Community as well as one dedicated to experiences with images, stories and plans.


One of the greatest storyteller brands of our time. All the products launched are accompanied by the story behind them: either to explain a creative process or an experience. To play their part in these times, they have created Play Inside. A community where Nike will provide workouts and tailored training plans, nutrition advice and expert help, so that users can define a routine and make both confinement and return to normal more comfortable.


From the beginning of their history they have known how to connect with the consumer. On this occasion, they wanted to put even more empathy into their latest campaign (if it was possible), and created Better when we’re open . Personally, I think they’ve nailed it! Because each and every one of us can identify with some part of the ad.

According to the words of Walter Susini, Senior Vice President of Marketing EMEA “We believe by being open and listening to each other, we can create change, and we are committed to doing the same. Being more open ourselves. Listening more to others. Acting differently. We know we need to change, and we are beginning to do just that” .

In addition to this campaign, Coca-Cola is one of the brands directly associated with happiness and sharing. Therefore has on its website different sections explaining the social initiatives in which the company actively contributes.


A brand that is well aware that storytelling is the key. In every ad they remind consumers of those emotions and tales they have grown up with. A good example of this is the campaign they did for Disneyland Where the magic gets real . This story captivates the audience and transmits that feeling of surprise that occurs when a child meets his/her favourite Disney character. The company is currently running the campaign The magic of Storytelling in order to bring books to those communities where they are most needed.


The experts in telling us stories that convey both their passion for creativity and innovation and the connections between devices and the people who use them. Over the years, and through the credibility of these stories, they have managed to build a prestige that is very difficult to break. In Creativity goes on they bring together experiences directly from their users worldwide to share their imagination, humanity and hope.

Another of the many examples we have from the company is this Apple Watch Series 5 campaign where they take you to different experiences, all to keep you active as well as connected, with every action you take with your Apple Watch.

Chime For Change by GUCCI

This is the global campaign that emerged in 2013 by Salma Hayek Pinault and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. It promoted its organisation for women’s empowerment and gender equality. While Gucci has been transforming itself over the years through all the creative directors that have come along; they have also been collaborating with artists, illustrators, writers and carrying out different initiatives as well as giving visibility and freshness to the brand.

As it appears on its own website, CHIME FOR CHANGE’s support has directly benefited more than 570,000 girls and women globally, and reached more than 3 million family and community members”. Among its contents, we can find inspirational experiences of changemakers around the world. 

To conclude

The human brain is genetically engineered to love storytelling. If explained well, these stories have the power to make any presentation more persuasive. In a world overloaded with content, a well-told story is often a brand’s best opportunity to capture the attention of its audience. 

Cristina Moreno
I am a designer turned into marketer, passionate about how technology is changing this field and the communication processes. My academic background includes a M.A. in International Diplomacy, Institutional Affairs and Event Management and a Google Certification on Digital Marketing. In 2018, I set up a start-up named BigBox Agency ( with the aim of merging advanced techniques from the IT sector with marketing and communication areas. Before taking the role of Creative Director of my own business, I had the chance to work with relevant speakers and personalities around the world, such as politicians, celebrities, CEOs and experts in different disciplines. Habituated to work with a high level of responsibility, I have succeed in dealing with the management of different projects simultaneously.