How Has COVID-19 Impacted Career Progression?

Career Progression

With the Corona situation affecting millions of current roles, furloughed jobs, avid career progressions within your company and outside of it. One thing is for certain, the uncertainty surrounding future prospects and thinking about your career and any career progression has come to a halt.

I caught up with a Merchandiser, Twisha who may know exactly how you’re feeling right now if you wanted a fresh start elsewhere.

Keep reading to find out why progression in your career doesn’t have to stop. 

Q & A on Career Progression

Q: Were you actively looking and why? 

A: Yes I was actively looking as I’d been in my current role for some time and was craving the change. As well as this, long term I knew that my chances of progression in my current company would taken longer than I’d like, purely based off of role availability. I’d been putting off the job hunt for some time as I had become quite complacent. Then in the new year I found a role that I thought was the perfect fit and would help me long-term.

Q: How did you feel when you received the job offer? 

A: I was so nervous as I’d been in my current company since leaving uni, my first ‘proper’ job so when I received the new job offer it was a mix of emotions!  Obviously I was over the moon but nervous to leave the safety blanket of my current company.

Q: Did you think they could potentially cancel the contract?

A: It was a huge worry for me. I think if I’d been told earlier that things weren’t so certain, I would have been able to brace myself for what was to come! 

The Aftermath…

Q: How did you feel after the recruiter told you?

A: I was in shock but at the same time I wasn’t. We as a country are going through a very strange and uncertain period so it would be crazy to assume that something like this wouldn’t happen. Anyways, I was gutted! I asked the questions that I needed to professionally, after the call burst into tears – more so over the prospect of not having a job. 

Q: What was your initial thought when realisation kicked in that you had to ask for your job back? 

A: Absolute dread. I’d always talked about how I’d hate to be that person that leaves a company and then come back with their tail between their legs. I kind of felt like that person for a moment. Luckily, I’ve always kept a great relationship with my current employer and they did all they could to make sure I had my job back. I cannot stress how important it is to never burn bridges regardless of industry.

Q: During these next few months, what are your plans for when it comes to job hunting? 

A: Currently, I’m just counting myself lucky to be able to keep my job! I’m unlikely to progress here and most definitely do want some change, but I don’t want to make any sudden decisions at this time. Holding fire for now but maybe restart the job hunt later this year. 

Keep Learning 

One thing I’ve learnt in my career as a marketeer, is to not stop gaining knowledge, it’s power! There’s always something you could be gaining in your free time at the moment. Make the most of it especially if you have long or short term career aims or even a little uncertain. New marketing skills learnt will be beneficial to you either way on your career path. 

If you want to keep learning, online courses can improve your knowledge and skills, visit the marketing courses section on Girls In Marketing to up skill! 

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