How to Boost Sales Traffic with “Link in Bio”

Boost Sale Traffic with Link in Bio

When it comes to brand promotion no matter the product, Instagram is an extremely powerful platform to engage with your audience and drive traffic to your website or eCommerce. However, Instagram currently restricts links to one and it has to be part of your bio.

But what if I need more links to promote different campaigns and/or content?

No worries! There’s an easy workaround and many free tools out there. We’re going to list some tools to help you boost sales traffic…

Some of the most popular are: Shorby, Linktree, and by Later.

  • Shorby*: their smartpage functionality allows you to create a dedicated landing page with all your priority links. You can also use Shorby as a regular URL shortener or even for customer service via their tool “click to call”.

Cost: They offer a 5day trial and subscriptions start at $12/month.

  • Linktree: is Shorby’s main competitor and as opposed to them, they do have a free version which allows you to create unlimited links. If you decide to upgrade, you will have the option to use your own domain and choose from a wide range of themes, as well as have access to more in-depth link analytics.

Cost: there is a free version but the premium plan costs $6/month.

  • much simpler and therefore easier to use tool. Their theme is very neat and stylish. Unfortunately, this means it is not customisable yet. So if you are interested in using specific colours, fonts, shapes, etc… it may not meet your needs.

Cost: they have a free version but it is quite basic. However, the pro-lifetime option is only $9,99.

  • by Later: I´d say it’s the most advanced  and complete tool and unlike those mentioned above, it only allows you to add one single link to your page. But rather than this being a downside, it’s actually a key feature ‘cause it allows you to add different links to each of the posts, instead of constantly having to update your bio link.

When users click on the link of a post, they reach to a page that recreates your Instagram feed. Very useful when it comes to eCommerce, allowing UX friendly purchases without leaving the platform. No customization available for the moment…but I am sure they’ll surprise us soon!

Cost:  they offer a free version but if you want to make the most of the tool, i would suggest upgrading to the Plus or Premium versions.

If you end up using one of these tools, magically, your feed will turn into a clickable and optimized landing page.

If you use this data as a key starting point when working on your content plan, new product releases and marketing strategy, your results will improve dramatically.

Start tracking which posts are the most popular and which ones drive more sales. This will help you pencil your customer persona, being able to create content and promotional plans according to their preferences.

I would say bio has been a game-changer for both small and big companies by providing them with key analytics and making social media manager lives much easier.

I am sure some of you may be asking yourselves at this point: “Could I just simply create my own page with multiple links?

Of course! However, you must be tech-savvy or work with someone who is. At the end of the day, It’s really up to your personal preference or tech resources.

Nevertheless, third-party tools do everything you need and have support teams who can help you on the way if you encounter any problems or issues. We hope that this post gives you all the basics you need to create your own page, boost sales traffic, and make the most of your Instagram account!

*marked affiliate links