How to Effectively Manage a Millennial Marketing Team

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There is no truly given way of leading a team, throughout careers everyone would have taken on board different experiences to shape their style. Whether you have years of experience or new to managing, hopefully this article can help towards looking after the new generation of millennials. A millennial is someone born between 1980 – 1995 (also known as Gen Y).

Millennials are truly distinctive. Expectations are higher, they thrive from constant learning and climbing the ladder is a must. So why must you adapt your managerial approach? With the generation having more ‘entrepreneurial’ characteristics the bar is set for businesses to adapt. Demographics indicate work forces are becoming younger year on year therefore a need to adjust your managing style is key.

These are some misconceptions about Gen Y, few common myths seen in the workplace;

  • Lacking strong work ethic 
  • Entitled
  • Higher reward expectations
  • Less respect

3 Ways to Manage a Millennial Marketing Team

Encourage Collaboration 

Collaborative and not competitive are the key things to look out for. Fostering this type of environment can bring the team together and increase consumption of ideas. Sharing ideas and strategies can work for everyone and successfully delivering that all important campaign or project.

Amongst these positives it can also boost morale, efficiency and skillset. It may take a strenuous amount of time and planning to implement into an entire organisation however with a young team it might that easy win you can take on board.

Setting clear collaboration points from the start and boundaries can minimise competitiveness within the team too. They are more likely to appreciate this balanced way of working and demonstrate the drive within them. A great way you can do this is to run a marketing brainstorm session to think of new ideas and get everyone in the team involved.

Regular Feedback & Communication

Feedback and communication are two elements which intertwine well with another and something millennials look out for when being managed.

‘Communication is key,’ a known saying, an agreement, a mantra that we’re all on board with. More honest communication can be beneficial for both parties, setting them up for openness in constructive criticism. But why do many millennials crave this?

Gen Y are constantly connected when posting on social media consistently, responses are rapid and expect replies straight away. Some say patience may be a virtue.

He or she may see this as a negative but feedback can help the team improve in their roles at a quicker pace. Reviewing on a quarterly basis does not seem feasible to them because it has a notion of slowing down their learn rate; maybe incorporate this into your regular 1-1’s. For millennials it is mainly about ‘climbing the ladder’ and ‘personal development,’ have this idea in the front of your mind. 


Believe it or not, not all millennials want to tackle their leader with unnecessary thought- provoking opinions or question every decision. 

They look for that expert and inspiration within their managers to learn from, they want to find that purpose for doing what you do other than ‘it’s a marketing goal’ or ‘this is what our Director wants.’ Finding that deeper business contribution is crucial as a driven generation. Clear, concise reasons really will strike a cord and point them towards delivering better results filled with passion. 

By simply listening to their motivations, sharing your own experiences and tips could be a benefit in the long-term. There are many ways to become a good leader, in this instance having that expert knowledge in marketing is something your team will be looking for. 

Shrima Patel
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