How to Find Creative Inspiration on Social Media

Creative Inspiration on Social Media

People may think that social media gurus have all the time in the world to brainstorm amazing ideas. However, realistically, you’ve got 75 other things that need to be done yesterday. Finding creative inspiration on social media isn’t as difficult as it initially seems, especially if you’re willing to do some research and reading around the topic.

We want to help you get those creative juices flowing and become creatively mad! It’s for this reason we’ve listed some tips on how to get creative on social media.

Understand your tone of voice

Before you can go off and start to bring amazing ideas to your social media, you need to understand your target audience, as this will affect how your tone of voice.

Are you talking to professionals 30-55 years old? If so, you’re not going to want to posts memes.
Are you selling expensive products? From jewellery to houses, you are an expensive purchase and people need to build faith in you when considering purchasing something from you.

Once you understand your tone of voice, use the following steps to find your next social media posts.

Find what people are talking out

There’s a platform for everything these days, and Quora and Reddit are both online active platforms where users can ask questions.

There are two ways you can go about this:

  1. Search keywords – Search the phrase you’re looking to write about, best garden DIY’s? Strangest BBQ food? Then you can take it to twitter for a vote off.
  2. Simply ask a question yourself – You can ask users what they would like to know about a certain topic, what they like seeing on social media etc, then have a cuppa and you’ll be sure to have a handful of online little helpers.

Smart work, not hard work

We all have our favourite social media brands, right? Mine is 100% Innocent Smoothies. I think they’re brilliant! Follow social media accounts you love and take inspiration from them. Don’t copy their work, we’ve all seen big companies do it, and let’s be honest, it’s not classy.
Just keep in mind your target audience and tone and voice and think; How can create 5 question word cross puzzle and make it mine?


We all have the ‘Social Media Event Calendar’ in one of our draws somewhere, but half the time there are events that nobody cares about. Forekast is an online platform where users upvote or downvote upcoming events, so you can a wide view of all the events happening, but also see what is most popular.
There are tons of different categories you can follow as well so you can stay relevant to your topic choices.

Create an inspiration folder

We see content every single day to inspire us. Whether you’re on the tube, at a football match or watching day time TV… it’s important to create a folder that is full of everything that inspires you. From effective social media campaigns, billboards, artwork, videos or even friends.

You never know when you’re going to have a day where you need some quick inspiration or a day when you’re just not feeling inspired, it happens to all of us.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep on top of your social media campaigns and help you create killer social media posts with even better engagement levels.

Alice Mutch
Hey, I'm Alice! I've recently started my new Marketing and Operations Manager role for an online sports training company after quitting my job to travel around South America. I love travelling and experiencing new things, even watching football games in the pouring rain! I love experimenting and creating bold, engaging content and I hope you enjoy my hints and tips!