How to Get into Copywriting with No Experience

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Fancy becoming a copywriter? Well this post will help you decide if it’s for you and how to get into copywriting without any experience…

Copywriting is the art of being able to sell people an idea. It’s ultimately a writing style that aims to persuade people to take an action.

This action can take many forms. It doesn’t have to be the obvious purchase of a product or service. An action could be in the form of signing up to a monthly newsletter or sharing a brand’s post on social media. All of these actions require persuasive copywriting to in order convince the user to make that conversion.

But is copywriting the same as content writing? We’ve actually covered this topic in a killer article which you can view here. But essentially copywriters aim to convince and persuade, and content writers aim to inform, educate and add value. A good way to understand the difference is by the length and language of the copy. Copywriting is usually very short and sharp. It also tends to include Call To Actions such as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Sign Up’ to really help convert where possible.

Can content writing and copywriting be found together? Yes of course, they tend to go hand in hand! And therefore, it’s great to start your copywriting journey by doing as much writing as you can.

Copywriting isn’t something you can necessarily get a degree in, but it’s a skill you can learn over time. Below we have listed a few tips to help you get started!

Tip 1. Start a blog

What better way to start learning the ropes of copy/content writing then by writing about something you love! Starting your own blog is a great way to showcase your voice and writing skills. Whether this be on product reviews or a hobby you regularly do, a lot of people find it easier to start writing about a topic that interests them. This practice can really hone down your skills before you progress to any form of professional work for clients.

Tip 2. Volunteer your services

Seeking volunteer work from charities or small marketing businesses is a great way to put your newfound skills to the test. Securing experience in a professional environment will inevitably help you broaden your skill set. You may be asked to write for a range of different areas such as press releases, product descriptions and social media posts. The added pressure of your writing being published to the world will ensure your spelling and grammar is nothing short of faultless (a benchmark skill every copywriter needs to nail in order to succeed – especially in the marketing industry!).

Tip 3. Build a portfolio

Now surely a portfolio is just the same as speaking about your experience, right? Well what can a portfolio do that simply communicating your experience cannot? Show a potential future employer what you are capable of. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received is to create an online portfolio that can really showcase your best work. To set your job application aside from the rest, you can create a portfolio illustrating any blog posts you are particularly proud of as well as any published volunteer/freelance work you’ve done! Always remember to update your online portfolio throughout your career, highlighting any progression where necessary.

In summary, anyone can become a copywriter – that’s right, anyone! It takes hard work, commitment and a hell of a lot of passion but it’s a skill of which may marketeers go on the journey to learn. Be sure to take advantage of the above tips to help get you get started on your own copywriting journey. You can also look out for any of the ample free short courses you can find online!

Go on…what are you waiting for?