How To Maximise Views on Instagram Live

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How To Maximise Views on Instagram Live

by Suzie Letts

Instagram Live is used by everyone, from influencers to big companies. It’s a great way to create a genuine human connection with your audience, as well as entertain your followers.

You can post anything on an Instagram Live video, including interviews or behind the scenes footage. Whatever you’re filming, maximise your views with these simple tips.

Promote in Advance

Make sure you plan when you’re going to go Live and let your followers know. Use the countdown sticker on your story and post about it on other social media platforms.

Your followers will be ready for your Live video and you’ll have an audience waiting for you as soon as you press that Live button.

You can also promote a Live Q&A session by using the ‘Ask me anything’ sticker beforehand. You can reply to these stickers directly in a Live video.

Not only will your followers be aware that you’re going Live, but you’ll also have a starting point for conversation, answering the questions your followers have asked.

Make a Plan

Preparing for your video will help you feel confident and ready to start. You don’t have to write a whole script, but having bullet points with content ideas is a great way to avoid rambling and awkward silences when you’re Live.

Your video also needs to have a purpose. If you want to start using Instagram Live but don’t know what you’d talk about, here are some pointers:

  • Q&A session
  • Behind the Scenes – give a cooking class or show where you work
  • Interviews
  • Insider tips on a subject you focus on
  • Mini webinar/training session
  • Live workout
  • Unbox something you’ve ordered (that relates to your content!)
  • Reviews
  • Storytimes
  • Advice

Be sure to stick to your general theme to avoid viewers dropping out when the conversation strays away from its purpose.

Make Sure Your Followers Are Online

Before you start a Livestream you can see how many of your followers are currently active.

Make sure you have the best audience available by checking your Instagram Insights. This will show you what time and day your audience is most active.

Instagram Insights will also give you an idea of who your audience is – their age, location and gender demographics. This will allow you to adapt your Livestream to suit what they want.

The location insight will also help with timezones – if you have followers all over the world, you need to Livestream at a time that will be ideal for everyone.

Go Live With Other Accounts

This is an especially good tip if you want to do a Live interview. Once you’ve gone Live, invite others to join your video and you can be Live together.

This expands your reach by adding another account’s followers. It also allows you to create actual conversation and interest in your video.

Another way of doing this is with an Instagram Takeover. You give someone temporary access to your account so that they can do a Live video to your followers.

This is only recommended if you have a certain level of trust with a person – giving them a temporary password that will become active just before they go Live and be changed immediately after is a simple way to do this. Also, setting out rules that ask people not to post on your feed or reply to any comments or messages.

Make Your Livestream Engaging

Maintaining the attention of your audience when Live can seem difficult. Think about having a real-life conversation with your followers rather than talking to a screen.

Encouraging comments and other interaction will keep your followers entertained whilst watching your Livestream. Create a conversation with your audience – talk with them, not to them.

Also, try to maintain eye contact with your camera. This may seem strange whilst you’re filming but from the other side of the screen, it will appear more personal and engaging.

Share to Story

Don’t forget to save your Livestream once you’ve finished so that your followers can watch it back later.

You can save your Livestream manually by pressing the save button then add it straight to your story or IGTV.

Sadly, you can only save the actual video and not any comments or interactions, so be sure to make a note of your interactions whilst you’re Live!