How to Pivot Your Brand Messaging During a Crisis

How to Pivot Your Brand Messaging Header

As of recently, many brands are thinking about how to pivot their messaging and content strategy due to COVID-19. I’m sure we speak for many of you who are pulled in different directions with a huge case of information overload. While you don’t want to be tone deaf to your audience, you also don’t won’t to fall off the grid and hide from your audience.

Show up ladies if you’re able to.

We want to remind you that you’re not the only one. Now, take note of 3 tips on how to pivot your brand messaging during this time.

Poll Your Audience

Put together an email for your email list asking subscribers how you can serve them right now. Get personal and allow them to know that you care. Remind them of the values and mission of your brand. End the email by asking subscribers to reply with their needs, such as a free resource or content topics that you can discuss in an upcoming video, blog post, or email newsletter.

Craft Your Crisis Language

Whether it’s your social media content, blog content, etc. don’t stray away from what the world is facing right now. Instead, change your language to include empathy and while it’s ok to sell during this time, I recommend that you don’t use scare tactics in order to get people to become clients.

Don’t Disappear

Again, if you’re able to during this time continue to show up for your audience and clients to provide value and support. You want them to remember that you truly care about their needs. Maybe try doubling down on your current content strategy. For instance, maybe try sharing more LIVE videos, start a supportive Facebook group that’s related to your brand, send out challenges to your email list. The key is to get creative and think outside the box.

We hope these tips are helpful! Feel free to share ways that are going to pivot your brand messaging to serve clients during this time or how you have coped with the pandemic and changing up your content.