How to Prepare Yourself for University

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How to Prepare Yourself for University

by Sally Nicholson

How to prepare yourself for university and studying marketing is essential. If you are new to marketing or business in general, you have no idea what to expect. On top of that, there are factors you don’t anticipate. I’m here to share the things I wasn’t prepared for, so you can be!

1. Be Open to Presenting in Classes

A marketing role will require you to present and pitch your ideas. Presenting can initially make you feel anxious and nervous, but practice and preparation are the keys to your presenting success. The more you practise and prepare, the more confidence you will gain, and it will feel less daunting. Filming yourself using your smartphone allows you to analyse your body language and tone of voice which may need adapting. It’s also a good idea to make brief flashcards to practice with. Eventually, when you gain more confidence, attempt to present without them as it looks more professional.

2. Battle Through Homesickness – If You Feel it!

Homesickness is a factor that is expected when moving from home, but what I didn’t expect was the loneliness. You’ve moved to a new area, with strangers! The length of time you’ll feel like this usually doesn’t last long at all; it’s part of the initial moving process. You just need to remember that everyone feels this way at some point and you are all in the same boat. So, put yourself out there, keep busy, make friends to keep your mind off it. Soon enough this new place will feel like your second home. How to prepare yourself for university involves addressing emotions, good and bad.

3. Group Work and Group Assignments

Many of my modules contained group work and group assignments. I didn’t expect this from uni thinking that all the assignments would be independent. It was a good experience mixing with new people, listening to each other’s ideas and opinions of marketing campaigns. Remember when doing group work to always choose your peers wisely; spend time with those who challenge and inspire you.

4. Finance Marketing Modules (Don’t let Them Scare You!)

When I found out I would be completing a finance module I was taken back, to say the least, and slightly disheartened. I didn’t understand the need for me to complete this and if it had any relation to my degree at all. It turned out being such a beneficial module. It’s a good experience to learn all aspects of the team you will be working with in the future and numbers are very important when making marketing decisions. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone or become disheartened knowing you’re completing a module you don’t like the sound of as you may really enjoy it!

5. How Competitive the Marketing Industry is

Studying marketing really opened my eyes to how competitive the industry is. Lots of people without marketing degrees take an interest in the subject and having a degree doesn’t mean you’ll get the job. Nowadays there is so much more to a degree meaning you need to take advantage of opportunities from early on like internships, gaining experience and extra-curricular activities to show your interests as well as networking. However, the experience you do take on needs to be valuable like working on briefs rather than answering the phone.

6. Time to Change Your Standard CV

Marketing is a creative, constantly evolving industry and your CV should reflect that. Your CV needs to stand out and highlight your own uniqueness and imagination, a great way to show this is in the form of an infographic. Your CV should also reflect the role you are applying for. A really good example I’ve seen was someone who applied for a job at Wagamama and their CV imitated their menu.

I hope that you’re feeling a little more prepared for your future university journey. As long as you be yourself, get lots of sleep and relax too – You’ll have the time of your life!