How to Rule Your Content

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How to Rule Your Content

by girlsinmarketing

Instagram is the land of opportunity right? So, how do you keep on top of those Instagram posts? Choose the perfect picture for that same post and then there is the layout itself. We have all seen those accounts, right? The ones that make their content look effortless. People flock to their account and happily share content.


These grammars become known as Queens of Insta or Social Media Royalty. If that is true then is Instagram their kingdom? How can you find your place in this kingdom and become a business that thrives?

Right now, who are you when it comes to planning your content? Are you the, ”Queen of Chaos” not sure what you are doing but determined non the less or are you silently waiting like an , “Insta Princess?,” Wishing for some likes and mentions as if by magic they will appear.

Below are some tips to ensure you can fit the crown befitting of a Content Queen but it may require some effort and absolutely no magic. Almost.

Find Your People

A Queen must know her royal subjects inside and out before she can begin to reign. What you want to do is find the people that fit your niche. They are the ones that you want to follow you. They are most definitely potential clients. Have a look at what posts they are following and get a feel for what might interest them. These can be causes, hobbies, upcoming events or anything else. Next you want to see what you have in common and how your business can provide value to those people.

Create Original Content

You have no doubt seen the Motivational Monday or Self Care Sunday posts that show up, and while these are a great way to connect with your followers, they are not original. You want to do something different, something that catches the attention of another innocent scroller and reels them in. Don’t be afraid of being unique. That’s how you will stand out from the rest. What can you tell your followers today that sets you apart?

Showing Up is Kind of a Big Deal

Consistency is your king when it comes to being present online. Make your post, interact with your people but don’t just do this when the mood suits. You have do be consistent because that is what brings loyalty. Now I’m not saying spend your whole day online, calm yourself, Your Highness. I am, however telling you that if your followers know that on Tuesday’s you do a Q&A then make sure you do that.

Don’t Tell Me How Wonderful You Are

This is a business and you are not the only one that has an offer. You could shout about how you can change their lives if they just hand over their hard earned cash but then you really are like all the other people in the kingdom, but that’s not what queens do. Establish your presence by not telling but by showing people how you can make a difference. As I said before don’t be afraid of being different.

Apps Fit for a Content Creating Queen

For Instagram to really work for you, you need to think about other ways you can manage your content. You can employ some cute hardworking little apps to do the brunt of the labour. After all, a queen can’t do everything. You have to know when to delegate, Your Majesty. My personal favourite is Planoly but there are a whole host of apps that allow you to plan out your content days in advance. They even post for you. How regal is that?

You May Speak Now

This is the part where you talk to your followers. You want to give them something of significance and bring them back time and again. You can be vulnerable and talk about a personal issue you have overcome or you can keep it strictly business. Both are good. Quotes are the real victors though. Nothing strikes the heart of a follower more than a quote that they can relate to.

Bulk content

Plan, plan and plan because life happens and even royals must have a backup plan. Use your apps and start writing good, quality content that you can use in the future.

Rule with Intention

Engage other kingdoms and chat to your fellow queens. Don’t let those titles go to your head. Sure, some of them are your rivals and offer similar value to the community but this is a chance to set a precedent. Lead by example and support each other.

Keep your head

This kingdom you are ruling over can be fun and exciting, you will meet extraordinary people and hear unimaginable tales. You also will hear some not so pleasant ones too, trolls may decide to invade your happy place and everyone will have an opinion on your content. You will need to stay safe, keep your senses and remember that no matter how amazing everyone says you are at what you do, it really can all disappear when the clock strikes midnight.

So make sure your social media kingdom is not ruling your life and subsequently your business. You want to succeed you can and you will but stay true to who you are and your reason for starting out in the first place. You will have allies, they may have your back but in the end, it is your Gram, your content and your business. Rule wisely and most of all have fun.

Written by Kirsty Penn