Improving Your Email Marketing Strategy – what, like it’s hard?

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Improving Your Email Marketing Strategy – what, like it’s hard?

by Alice Bjorkstrand

So you’ve got a list of email subjects you want to start writing about – you’ve got those catchy subject lines, the calls to action and some amazing images. Yet, your audience could do with some growth and you generally want to improve your email marketing strategy. I’m going to share a few little tips on how you can grow your email list, and start sharing that amazing content…

Create value for your subscribers

You’re asking people to sign up to your newsletter, but what will they get in return? It’s so important to lay this out for your potential subscribers. Will you offer a discount code when they sign up? Will they receive the latest news before anyone else? Wherever you’re asking people to sign up – list the benefits and the value they will get to encourage them to click that subscribe button.

Run a Facebook ad campaign

I don’t mean just boost a post linking to your subscribe page. I mean run a lead generation campaign through Facebook Ads Manager that advertises to a new audience. Choose an audience that you think will be interested in your goods or service and create your ad. You can create the ad however you like – video, carousel, single image – but when the user clicks it will send them directly to the lead form that you have created where they can enter their details.

Run a giveaway on your social channels

Ideally with another brand that has a similar audience to yours. Offer your potential customers an amazing prize if they sign up to your newsletter. If you’re collaborating with another like-minded brand, you will reach an even wider audience and improve your email marketing strategy. Make sure you list full and transparent T&Cs.

Make sure you have a pop-up on your website

This is one of the easiest ways to capture email addresses. The website visitor is already interested in your business, and they might even be close to the purchase stage – give them a little reminder that they get a discount on their first purchase, or latest news on your offerings.

Share your sign up page on Instagram & Facebook

Add your sign up page to your bio on Instagram. Then, share the benefits of subscribing on your stories, on your grid and on your Facebook feed. You could even make a little series out of how and why people should sign up. You could even get testimonials from current subscribers on why they signed up and what they like about receiving your emails.

One last tip from me is before you start growing your list, make sure you have a really great welcome/on-boarding series set up. This will reinforce why your subscribers signed up, and help them to establish trust and a relationship with you. It can also help you to segment your email list and learn where your new subscribers are clicking, and other behaviours that can help you tailor content specifically for them.

So when someone asks you how you grew your email list to where it is now, you can reply Elle Woods style … what, like it’s hard?