What We Can Learn From Brands and Their Marketing Techniques

Every day we see millions of brands, but, we only remember certain ones. Why? KILLER MARKETING TECHNIQUES.

Below we will look at just a few examples of brands that are at the forefront of the marketing game and what we, as marketers, can learn from them. In addition, some of these brands have much higher budgets than a typical company. However, in analysing marketing techniques of brands we can learn what makes them stand out.

How Nike Uses Emotional Branding

Firstly, it’s no surprise that Nike leads to marketing. Nike masters what is called “emotional branding” – selling more than just their product. They induce consumers emotions and aspirations beyond what they are purchasing. This comes from consistent brand messaging, staying socially conscious and using social media platforms to their advantage. A recent example is their response to Covid19 and the ‘Play For The World, You Can’t Stop Us‘ campaign, which shows powerful video footage of encouraging people to stay home. This way of marketing is a more indirect style of marketing, it is part of a long term strategy to stay at the forefront of consumers minds.

What do we learn from Nike? BRANDING, BRANDING, BRANDING.

Greggs Uses Creative Branding

One thing that we all know Greggs for is their vegan sausage roll. The launch of the vegan sausage roll gave Greggs a 15% rise in profits in 2018, shortlisting them for Marketing Weeks Brand of the Year. The sausage roll “stormed social media” as they created a YouTube video ad which parodied Apples iPhone ad, calling its product “the next generation of sausage roll technology“. In addition to their ad, Greggs sent their vegan treats to people in customised iPhone boxes. Furthermore, not only is this creative but also a great example of effective PR.

Learnings? The two C’s – Content and Creativity.

Tesco’s Email Marketing Technique

Supermarket giant Tesco demonstrates a great example of personalisation. Tesco, in 1994, introduced their loyalty programme and have been using this information to send targeted and segmented emails. With their ‘Recipe Emails‘, they send clients recipes based on their purchase history information. This makes email marketing essential to Tesco, as 60% of online revenue comes from email.

Tesco taught us about the power of personalisation in email marketing.

Starbucks Uses Engagement to Create Loyalty

It goes without saying that social media is crucial to marketing, and Starbucks are pros with it. This is mostly attributed to building genuine relationships with their followers through organic social media. Their clever use of videos and images on their feeds, custom images to match their tweets, and responding back to followers are great examples of how. Besides, do you see how viral Starbucks can get?!

Starbucks proves that creating an intimate relationship establishes brand identity and trust. This comes from engaging with your followers and knowing what they want.

Clearly, brands and their marketing techniques are worth paying attention to. They’re succeeding in being the brands we all know and love. Some other considerable brand mentions include; McDonald’s, Netflix, Colgate and Coco-Cola. Use the knowledge from these brands as power, and take the key learnings to build your own empire.