Hey, I'm Martha

My heart is happiest when it’s reading, writing, or sipping a mocktail in the sunshine. I love meditation, mental health, and eating dirty vegan burgers. Also, I dare you to beat me at Uno.

Top 3 Favourite Podcasts

Mad World by Bryony Gordon

Typically, I devour more audiobooks than I do podcasts, but I always make time to tune into Mad World by Bryony Gordon. She’s been a long-time hero of mine. Bryony is an author of six book babies and a columnist for The Telegraph. She interviews all kinds of public figures about their mental health journeys — including Prince Harry!

How To Fail by Elizabeth Day

I found Elizabeth’s podcast after reading the book How To Fail, which was originally born from the musings of this podcast. Elizabeth interviews public faces about their successes, failures and celebrates how hitting rock bottom can be the best thing that ever happened to you. (Her episode with Lily Allen was one of my faves.)

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Says it all in the title tbh. This is the ultimate true-crime podcast with a twist… and a drop of drinking juice. Three women turn terrifying true crimes into heated and humorous debates? Yes, please. It’s reminiscent of every girl's night I’ve ever had trying to put the world to rights!

My life as a Chief Operating Officer & Head of Partnerships

What Your Job Entails

Like most people, I do a lot of stuff and then forget it all when someone asks me what I do for a living! But basically, it’s my job to connect with other amazing brands so we can continue to create content and provide opportunities to our community. Whether it’s locating sponsors, securing features or collaborating with other businesses, I handle all of the partnership stuff that happens both on and offline. Oh also, I organise the empowering events for our Members Society and work with both Olivia and Amy to grow and improve our membership community.

My favourite snacks are hummus (it’s good for the soul), proper salty crisps and all the biscuits (all of them).

More About Me

Biggest Career Accomplishment So Far

My biggest accomplishment has been this entire journey with GiM. *Insert crying emoji here* After being furloughed in hospitality, I joined the team as a volunteer in 2020. (At this point, the “team” was literally just Olivia and her laptop lol.)

I couldn’t have dreamt that a year later I’d be living and working in Liverpool with our logo on an office door. I moved over 200 miles to get here, and that trumps any and all of my achievements so far!

What Girls in Marketing Means to You

Um, where do I start? 

First, the solidarity between thousands of women online is a feeling you just can’t match anywhere else. It’s a pool of the most talented, creative go-getters I’ve ever had the pleasure of (virtually) meeting. 

Besides that, Girls in Marketing genuinely kickstarted my love and appreciation for marketing. Olivia, the true brains behind this operation, has been an epic mentor too. 

In short, Girls in Marketing =  friendship to me. It means friendship, opportunity, empowerment and creativity all rolled into one.