New and Essential Content Marketing Trends

New content marketing trends come and go so fast. It’s no surprise that content marketing has become its own trend recently due to the current climate. It’s never been more important to produce high quality, consistent content for your audience. The aim is to keep them entertained, educated and engaged.

As a marketeer, it’s crucial to remember that providing great content doesn’t stop after a lead becomes a customer. A good content marketing strategy that capitalises on all the latest trends encourages repeat sales and interactions with your audiences. This will ultimately help you establish powerful brand advocates in the long run.

So, here are some essential current content marketing trends you should add to your business strategy.

The Rise of Video Podcasts

We all know that podcasts have gained huge popularity over the last 10 years. In the UK alone, 1 in 8 people are active podcast listeners. Most of these people tune in via a mobile phone whilst going about their daily business. Podcasts are fantastic for celebrities or professionals in the public eye to communicate a story to their listeners. However, few big brands have been able to successfully crack the podcasting industry.

Cue the introduction of video podcasts!

This form of content marketing allows brands to provide visual aids and engaging content to their audience; from live streaming content to producing ‘How to’ guides to help compliment the audio of a podcast. With the rise in working from home and the decrease in commuter journeys, people are actively searching to fill this void….and video podcast may just be the answer! For brands, video allows them to show their audience the face behind the business so they feel more comfortable buying their products. Video can help turn those boring topics into something engaging – so why not give it a go? After all, online video is predicted to make up 80% of all online traffic by 2021, so best to jump on this trend now!

It’s All About Visuals

We love a good social media visual! Marketing in 2020 sees brands having to navigate and cut through the noise that consumers are exposed to every day. This is especially true when targeting a Generation Z audience who have an average attention span of 8 seconds! (For more on how to market to a Generation Z audience, check out our killer article here).

Although quality copy is essential for any social media post, this can easily be missed by any ‘serial scrollers’ out there who are seeking instant entertainment from brands. Providing a visual aid that sums up the objective of your social post can really help stop these ‘serial scrollers’ in their tracks and grab their attention.

Fun Fact Time: Did you know that 80% of what you see is retained?

We at Girls in Marketing, think this is a statistic brands cannot ignore in 2020. So, when planning your next batch of social media content, why not try to incorporate image text into your visual to help instantly convey the objective of your post. (But remember to do your research on image text restrictions first. You can check out the restrictions for Facebook Ads here).

Interactive Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral Content is essentially the fancy name given to any visual content that is only available for a certain period of time. A great example is Instagram Stories or Snapchat which we, as marketers, are very familiar with. Utilising ephemeral content as part of a marketing strategy doesn’t seem to be a choice anymore. This is due to most big brands already realising it’s incredible potential. But, what is starting to emerge is the use of interactive ephemeral content. This interaction can come in many forms. For example, poll or quiz stickers that ask the audience a question and they are able to either write or choose their answer. Some benefits of using ephemeral content (that we think are worth shouting about) include:

  • Catch your followers’ attention
  • Boosts engagement levels
  • Gain insights into your followers’ interests’ aka market research!
  • Listen to follower feedback

If these benefits don’t give you a good reason to use interactive ephemeral content, we don’t know what will!

Keep on Tracking

Okay – so we know this isn’t a trend. But, we wanted to remind you that tracking is an essential part of any content marketing strategy. In order to measure the performance of online marketing content and ultimately gain new insights from your audience, it is important to invest some time in setting up the right tracking tools ahead of publishing content. This is especially important when trying out a new trend such as interactive Instagram stories to see what impact this has on your social metrics.

Take away tip: The digital marketing landscape is forever evolving. Therefore it is important to up-skill on a regular basis and try out the latest trends!