5 Ways to Overcome Social Media Fatigue as a Digital Marketer

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5 Ways to Overcome Social Media Fatigue as a Digital Marketer

by girlsinmarketing

It’s morning time and already time to log onto all five of your platforms you’re managing. Yet, you’re already sending an SOS message because you just barely logged off less than 8 hours ago! Between having your own personal account to keep up with friends and family to managing professional accounts—you’re drowning in hashtags and heart eye emojis.

If you’re a digital marketing manager, social media is your bread and butter. Gone are the days of mindless, fun scrolling. You are researching, engaging, branding, managing inboxes, community building and more!

You are so busy creating and managing accounts, that taking care of your own can feel like a chore. Have you ever finally logged into your account at the end of the day and felt so mentally exhausted you just couldn’t even keep the app open? When platform management is your job, social media fatigue hits different. 

Why is it so important to avoid social media fatigue? In my personal experience, when I feel creatively drained, it is impossible for me to work productively, and my work ultimately suffers. We don’t want our engagement strategy to water down to “great pic” or a bunch of quick emojis just so we can get offline. Delivering consistent, exceptional results for our clients is our top priority, so here are some tips I use to dodge social media fatigue!

1. Set office hours

They don’t have to be from 9-5, but whatever your office hours are—stand by them! It’s important to lay boundaries down between business and pleasure, and between you and your clients. Include your business hours in your contract! Personally, when my office hours are about to end—I message my clients and let them know that if they send a message, I will get back first thing the next day! If you don’t set these boundaries in the beginning, you will quickly realise how draining constantly being “on” will be!

2. Use a time block schedule

After setting office hours for your clients to avoid constantly responding to messages and working, now you have to set “personal office hours”. How? Block out time each day for specific activities. How many times have you said you would engage for 30 minutes and then end up scrolling for 2 hours and not getting the rest of your work done? Cue social media fatigue!

Here is an example of my simplified time block schedule for combating social media fatigue:

time block

Your time blocking will change and grow based on your business needs, this is why I maintain a “simplified time block”, which just means—this is my target goal for each time slot. Things may have to be moved around, but I am making sure to approach my creative work with a measure of structure!

3. Scroll with intention

When you’re scrolling, make sure you “scroll with a plan!” What does this mean? If your plan is to engage with accounts in a certain hashtag—only do that. If your plan is to respond to all the stories you follow, focus on that. Don’t scroll just to scroll—you will waste precious time and fatigue yourself mentally.

4. Relax a little

Know when it’s time to just have fun! If you have a personal account, take time to just enjoy it and be silly with it! There is no need to curate the perfect feeds or post strategic stories on your personal account—leave that for your business. Make time to “keep things light.”

5. Take frequent breaks

Although it isn’t listed in my time block chart, I usually like to get up and walk around every 30 minutes. Grab some water, take a quick walk, just make sure you leave your phone in the room and move about. Clear your mind to prepare it for the next task! 

Applying these tips will do wonders for your productivity–I sincerely hope this blog helps you to dodge social media fatigue. By setting clear boundaries with our clients and ourselves, we will be able to show up to work each day with intention and enough creative energy to deliver quality service to our clients!

Written by Kristen from Salt + Pepper Social

Kristen from Salt and Pepper Social

Before starting her social media marketing business, Kirsten spent a near-decade in the healthcare industry! She decided to marry her white coat, professional background with her bleeding heart, creative mind to serve busy, online health entrepreneurs through social media management, content creation, marketing strategy, and email marketing services. 

Warming audiences, talking sales, and preaching about airplane-mode workflows is her jam! When Kirsten isn’t actively converting followers into buyers for her clients–she’s binge watching The George Lopez show with her husband and exploring Salt Lake City!  

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