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Your Journey to Freelance Marketing ecourse

Ready to become the best freelance marketer around?

Do you want to get started with freelance marketing and have no idea where to start? Maybe you're already freelancing but you want to land more clients? If so, this self-paced eCourse is for you! There are no dates involved, simply purchase the course and do it at your own pace.

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"It’s only my second week since taking this course and I’ve already made a few hundred pound, I'm not sure if that’s good or bad for others but to me that’s amazing!! Especially after losing my job due to lockdown. I can't thank you enough for this"

Cara Lennie

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How to Grow and Scale Your Instagram Account (on a Budget!) ecourse

Give your Instagram a glow-up

It's official, we're spilling the tea on organic strategies that work to grow and scale your Instagram account! It's not easy growing a social media following but we've put together this course to help you scale your account on a budget (without having to pay for ads!).

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Workshops and Training

Running a Facebook Page Header

An Introduction to Facebook Ads Manager & How to Build Successful Campaigns

2 hour workshop

An introductionary online workshop covering Facebook Ads Manager and how you can build successful paid campaigns.

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email marketing mistakes header

A Quick Guide to Mailchimp and Setting up Email Campaigns

2 hour workshop

An online workshop that covers getting started with Mailchimp as a platform, setting up landing pages, email campaigns and some email automation too (as well as some other bits!)

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An Introduction to PPC & How to Start Running Your Own Google Search Campaigns

2 hour workshop

An online workshop covering the basics of PPC, an introduction to Google Ads, how to set up successful campaigns and manage budget.

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Advanced Facebook Ads Manager: How to Optimise Your Facebook Campaign Strategy

2 hour workshop

An online workshop will help deepen your understanding of the Facebook platform and how you can utilise different features in ads manager to optimise your strategy.

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