The Girls in Marketing Podcast

A top-rated Marketing podcast covering a range of marketing and PR topics. From tips and tricks when you're getting started in the industry, to discussions with industry experts, and even funny chats about being in an ever-changing industry. We're excited to produce such a fun yet informative podcast for marketers all over the globe.

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Season 1

Rising to CEO with Carrie Rose

Episode 9

Olivia is joined by Carrie Rose, Co-founder and CEO of Rise at Seven. Carrie is an absolute marketing and PR powerhouse with a world-class agency team that is growing every day. Now with over 70 members of staff, Rise at Seven is one of the most sought-after agencies in the UK (and the world!). But what does it take to run such a successful business and who actually IS Carrie Rose? In this episode, we chat about getting hate online, the controversy of creative CV’s and rising to become a world-leading CEO.

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From Bio-Med Grad to Creative Agency Founder with Francesca Kuhanuka

Episode 8

Olivia and Martha are joined by Francesca Kuhanuka, Founder of Vero Creative Agency. Francesca set up Vero during the Coronavirus pandemic after discovering her true purpose of going down her own path. Bio-med graduate turned marketing and creative whizz, Francesca has since worked with a number of clients from across the globe. The girls talk about transitioning careers from the corporate world, the rise of video content, and running a creative marketing agency.

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Creating Your Own Opportunities with Lauren Evans

Episode 7

Olivia and Martha are joined by Lauren Evans, a positivity queen with a love for Disney and the marketing industry. Lauren is the Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator at Girls in Marketing as well as a Marketing Executive for a small UK-based digital agency. Lauren talks about blogging, volunteering and how she landed 2 marketing jobs in 2021. The girls talk about creating your own opportunities to help you stand out when applying for roles and provide actionable tips and tricks to help you on your way to becoming the ultimate marketing boss.

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So You Want to Work in Fashion Marketing? with Shannon Jennings

Episode 6

Olivia and Martha are joined by Shannon Jennings who is Influencer, Social Media and Content Marketing Lead for The VERY Group. Shannon talks about her experience setting up her side project: The CLCK and gives actionable tips and tricks for all those looking to start their fashion marketing journey. The girls talk about creating a clear career vision and aligning your day to day work with it as well as the competitive world of fashion.

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Perfecting Your Personal Brand with Claudia Cardinali

Episode 5

Olivia and Martha are joined by Claudia Cardinali who currently helps to build some of the UK’s biggest CEO’s and Founders into industry-leading influential figures on LinkedIn at Great Influence, to discuss all things personal branding. Claudia talks about how you can create your own personal brand through honing in on your passions and emphasises the importance of forgetting what people say to overcome the fear of showing up online.

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The Ins and Outs of Influencer Marketing with Hester Bates

Episode 4

Olivia and Martha are joined by Hester Bates, Marketing Director of Influencer, to discuss the role of influencers in modern business and marketing strategies as well as the influencer marketing world. Interested in pursuing a career in influencer marketing or working with influencers in your day-job? Hester spills all the influencer marketing secrets and gives her top tips for success.

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 and Where We've Been

Episode 3

Since the Girls in Marketing Podcast took a back seat throughout last year after launching, we wanted to come back with a BANG. The podcast is now co-hosted with Founder, Olivia, and one of the Girls in Marketing team, Martha, who will be joined every episode by a guest speaker with an industry/niche focus. We’re so excited to finally be back again and hope you enjoy our relaunch episode.

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The Impact COVID-19 Is Having on the Digital World

Episode 2

Olivia, Emma and Suzie chat about how digital marketing has changed forever due to the Coronavirus. COVID-19 has impacted digital and the marketing world much more than we could have ever anticipated. What are the best ways to gain experience as someone looking at starting their marketing career? How can you use this time wisely to excel your business online? The girls discuss everything you need to know and give some tips to help you out during the global pandemic.

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Let's Talks about Girls in Marketing

Episode 1

Emma, Suzie and Olivia chat about the Girls in Marketing community as well as what life is like in the marketing industry. What can businesses expect from their digital marketing strategy? Why are some businesses missing out on the opportunity to be online? The girls discuss everything digital and introduce our brand new marketing podcasts for the community to listen and learn more.

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