Quick Tips For Improving Your Instagram Engagement

Instagram Engagement

From influencers to businesses, everyone is using Instagram. This is a great platform for interacting with your audience and showing a more personal side to your brand.

However, it can be frustrating when you’re creating great content but getting no engagement. Use these quick tips to easily improve your Instagram engagement and get your content seen!

Review Your Hashtags

Hashtags are a major part of Instagram, but knowing which ones to use can be difficult.

Hashtags are used to increase your reach. However, they also have to be relevant to your post and to your audience. You might be using a great hashtag, but if it’s being shown to the wrong people you won’t get any interaction.

A well-known practice is to post the same hashtags on all of your posts. Whilst this is a good technique, it can lead to some issues. When users follow hashtags, they can select the “Don’t Show for This Hashtag” button on posts they don’t like. This won’t lead to any immediate consequences but it shows that your posts are reaching the wrong people.

If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can use insights to see how many impressions came from your hashtags. If this is low, you know that you need to improve them.

Update Your Grid

If you want your profile to be consistent and professional looking, lay your grid out accordingly.

This could be as simple as using the same colour scheme or giving every post the same design. A simple example of this is Emma Watson, who always includes a white border around her posts to create a consistent look.

You can also use apps such as PhotoSplit or Grids to break your photos into a number of different styled grids. These can be uploaded straight onto your feed or used in a carousel, creating one continuous flow.

Uploading creative content like this will appeal to people and encourage them to engage with your post.

Video Is The New Photo

The average engagement for video has increase by 53%, which outweighs photos by 6.6%. Whilst photos tend to get more likes, videos drive more comments.

A mixture of photos and videos will, therefore, lead to an increase in your overall engagement. The key is to post insightful and meaningful content that will entertain your audience.

Think About Your Captions

Your captions will depend on what you post. If it’s educational content, a long and detailed caption will appeal to your followers. However, if you’re just showing a bit of personality a short caption is more likely to appeal. If your audience is fast-paced, they might not be willing to read a long caption, so keep it brief.

Captions are there to add context to the photo. If your caption doesn’t add anything to what your post, you’re less likely to get engagement. If you post a photo of a new product you’re launching but don’t state that in the caption, people won’t understand why you are posting it.

As always, good spelling and grammar are essential. Luckily, you are able to edit your caption after your post, so be sure to remove any errors as soon as you see them.

Emojis are also great for your captions as they draw attention to your post. In fact, the use of emojis increases engagement by 48%.

Use Instagram Story Stickers

If you’re not using Instagram stories, start now! 300 million people actively use Instagram Stories daily, so it’s the easiest way to interact with an active audience.

Instagram has made it easy to get engagement with their stickers. These include Questions, Polls and Emoji Swipe Bars.

These are quick and easy ways for your followers to engage with you. By getting your followers to ask you questions, they can get to know you better. Alternatively, you can be the one asking the questions so you can find out more about your audience.

Interact With Others

You can interact with other accounts in many different ways. From liking and commenting on similar accounts, you can find inspiration and get your name out there.

Accounts that are similar to yours will also have similar audiences. If you comment on someone’s post, their followers will check you out and might like what they see.

This will also help to see what’s working for other accounts in your industry. You can use tools such as Social Blade to see how competitors are reacting to trends in the industry. From this, you can adapt your social media strategy to enhance your Instagram engagement.

Suzie Letts
Hey, I’m Suzie! I’ve recently finished my undergraduate degree at King’s College London and currently work as a Social Media Marketing Officer for an international music summer school. As a musician, I love writing and performing everything from classical to musical theatre. I specialise in social media marketing in the arts, specifically music and I can’t wait to see where my journey in marketing takes me!