Red Flags to Look out for When Applying for a Marketing Role

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Red Flags to Look out for When Applying for a Marketing Role

by Lauren Evans

This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for; you’re applying for a marketing role. We’re ridiculously excited to see your name up in marketing lights. But, before we get there, it’s important to dissect the marketing role you’re applying for. Think of us as your marketing guardian angels – we’re here to help you shine. 

We recently ran an honest research poll on our Instagram, in which over 2,000 followers got involved to let loose on what they consider to be a red flag with employers. It’s totally NOT okay for employers to take advantage when advertising a marketing role, and it’s pretty easy to fall for false promises. Here are the main red flags to look out for when applying for a marketing job.


1. When Employers Ask for Salary Expectations Before Disclosing it Themselves

Unless you’re going into freelance marketing and can set your own rate, please be careful of employers asking YOU about your expected salary. Most of the time, they’re ready and waiting for you to set the bar low before they offer you payment. Of course, if you’re already getting stuck into a job and your employer wants to discuss salaries with you, this is a great opportunity to review your responsibilities and see if you’re moving towards a pay rise. 

All in all, finances are sometimes seen as a touchy subject. However, this shouldn’t be the case at all. We all need to make a living, and your employer should disclose this with you before snapping you up!


2. Advertising a Social Media Marketing Role When it’s the Opposite

We’re all head over heels for Social Media nowadays. Easily entertaining apps, influencers and video content is taking over the planet. We’re all here for it, and many aspiring marketers long for a Social Media Marketing role. This is such a wonderful aim, and employers know that these jobs are sought after. 

The bright red flag of advertising a Social Media Marketing role when it’s the opposite isn’t too surprising. We get sucked into the thought of being paid to post TikToks and comment under Instagram posts, but look further into what the job entails. Question the company about the responsibilities of the role they’re advertising, and ensure it lives up to the description. If so, you’re going to have an insanely fun time once you land the job! Cameras at the ready, marketer. 


3. Does the Company fit Your Morals?

Taking the time to dive into the details of every company you’re considering applying for will really benefit you. Not only will you be prepared for an interview, but you’ll get to know their morals too. We can’t stress this enough – you should work for a business that you believe in. Researching the brand will give you the go-ahead as to whether they’re your type on paper. Also, if you’re applying for a Digital Marketing role, it’ll give you an excuse to test your investigation skills. There’s nothing wrong with seeing if a brand is a right fit!

Here are some points to watch out for when researching a company’s morals:

  • What do the reviews say about the business?
  • How are their employees promoting themselves online? 
  • Do their ethics align with your beliefs? E.g. Are they sustainable?
  • Is there a high turnover of staff?

No matter what marketing role you’re applying for, you deserve to work for a business that makes you wholeheartedly happy. This will help you thrive in your marketing career, as you will naturally glow. 


4. Suggesting that the Team is a ‘Family’

Within our poll, 67% of respondents said interviewers saying “we are family” was a red flag. This still applies when you’re on the hunt for a Digital Marketing role, as you need to know that you’re going to be heard. Employers often refer to their team as a family when they expect their workers to dedicate their lives to the job. This isn’t always a negative thing, but there should be a definition between expectation and reality. 

In a majority of situations, co-workers are genuinely close to each other and enjoy their working days. This is THE dream if you find a marketing job that you love! 


5. If You’re Not Putting Yourself First – Move on

The most crucial part of applying for a marketing role is putting yourself first. If a job isn’t making you scream with excitement and authenticity, move on. Throughout your marketing journey, you’ll be naturally learning and upskilling yourself. There will be days of hard work and challenging tasks, which reaps in endless rewards. Working in marketing is an addictive ride that you’ll never want to get off of. Therefore, you need to put yourself first and ensure that you’re aiming for happiness with whatever role you apply for. Look for jobs on trusted websites such as The Drum, Find Your Intern (marketing and more) and Marketing Week

No matter when or where you land your marketing role, do your thorough research and give it all you’ve got!