Learning to Segment your Email Database and How it can Lead to More Sales

Segment Your Email List

According to Hubspot – “Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue” (2020). Those are some impressive statistics! So where do you start when looking at how to segment your email database? Read on to find out!

Use purchase data

If you are a product based business, and you have your e-commerce store linked up to your email platform, use your customers purchase data to create segments. Use these segments to send emails to convert customers who haven’t made it to the purchase stage yet. Perhaps do this by including a first order discount code, or showcase a particular product or product category to people who have purchased something similar.

You can also use purchase data to identify high value groups of customers who convert often, and lower value groups who don’t. With these segments you can create strategies to retain your high value customers, and increase conversions with your lower value customers.

Segment by demographics & geographics

This is one of the easiest ways to segment your list. When asking your customers to sign up, think about the information you want them to provide, e.g. gender or age. Geolocation data is automatically detected by most email platforms. Therefore, if you offer different services to different parts of the world, segment your list by location and this could immediately increase your open, click and conversion rates. Mother’s Day is a good example of a campaign you could run to different location segments, as Mother’s Day dates vary in different countries.

Time is also something to consider. Each part of the world will have a different optimum time to send a newsletter, and segmenting by geographic location will enable you to optimise this for every segment.

Use engagement data

The main data you will use here are clicks and opens. One great use of these segments is clearing up your email list and getting rid of any users who haven’t opened your emails in a long time. This will bring your open rate down, and removing them from your list is one way to improve this rate. You might want to send a re-engagement campaign before removing them from the list to give them one last chance to receive emails.

These are just 3 ways you can segment your email database, and they are great places to start. Once you start implementing these strategies, you will see your email stats start to improve, and be well on your way to converting those customers.

Alice Bjorkstrand
Hi, I'm Alice! I founded Koto Digital in 2018, a consulting business where I help e-commerce sites (primarily) grow online through tried and tested digital marketing strategies. I have almost 10 years experience specialising in luxury brands, and I am passionate about helping brands, big and small, achieve their goals online ✨