Should I Boost My Facebook Page?

Facebook Ad Boosting Header

To boost, or not to boost? A question that’s on a lot of Facebook business users minds! For a number of reasons. We truly believe that boosting your Facebook business page is beneficial for growing your brand awareness, and allows you to quickly and easily target your target audience directly.

With a decline in organic reach and engagement across Facebook as a whole, their boost features are becoming increasingly popular with businesses who are wanting to increase their reach and engagement amongst their target audience. The simple, easy to use boost feature promotes your page to your target audience at the click of a few buttons. 

Reasons To Boost My Page

The boost feature has a similar set up to Facebook ads, with targeting options based on gender, age, location, interests, and occupations that allow you to carefully select your exact target audience. This means that the first thing you need to consider when you’re boosting your Facebook page is exactly who it is you want to attract, and are they a demographic that is using Facebook. Did you know that 46% of those aged 65+ are using Facebook daily

Considering your advertising budget is also something to consider when deciding whether you should boost your Facebook page or not. Facebook offers you the option to set a daily budget, starting as low as £1 a day, which means that if you did want to trial the boost feature then you have the option.

One thing to always remember when utilising this feature is that if you don’t set a daily budget, and a monthly one instead then Facebook with push all of your budget within the first week or so, and then spread the rest out thinly. For consistent results, and more control over your budget, I’d recommend the daily budget.

Is Facebook Page Boost The Right Option?

For brand awareness purposes, the Facebook page boost option is fantastic, but there are some instances that I don’t think Facebook boosting are right for, and that other tools within Facebook can do a much better job. 

An example of this is if you’re wanting to acquire new leadings. Boosting your Facebook page to your target audience isn’t going to lead to conversions, as once the user is on your Facebook page they’re not pushed ahead through the sales funnel. Instead, consider installing a Facebook pixel within your site for remarketing purposes, and generate pixel tracked links to promote to new leads. With a strong CTA, you’re more likely to see results this way. 

What Else Can You Try?

Wanting to generate 1-2-1 conversations with your target audience? Then forget about page boosting and create ads within Facebook ads manager just for messenger with your Facebook chatbot. This will encourage the user to begin a conversation, with suggested answers that you’ve chosen. 

Finally, if you’re after in-store traffic then I’d consider creating redeemable Facebook-only offers, and promoting these posts individually instead. This will encourage your audience to not only follow your Facebook page, but also ensure that they then come in-store with your exciting facebook only offer that your audience can redeem. 

We truly believe that boosting a Facebook page has its place. That place is brand awareness, and when asking yourself ‘to boost or not to boost?’ You need to consider is brand awareness what you’re after. If it is, then fantastic! 

If brand awareness isn’t what you’re after though, then you need to consider what it is you’re wanting to achieve with your Facebook page; consider utilising Facebook ads. However, you could also use Facebook pixel for remarketing, facebook-only offers, or so many other options. 

Whatever it is you’re wanting to achieve, and with such a broad demographic using the social media platform. Facebook has the option for you and your business to go where you want it to go. What have you got to lose?