Simple Link Building Techniques Explained for Beginners

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Simple Link Building Techniques Explained for Beginners

by Kirsty Beth McLennan

Link building is an essential aspect for every SEO campaign, and there are numerous approaches you can take. However, for beginners it can be a bit overwhelming. Usually, it is best to master the easiest methods first, before moving on to the more technical practises. Below we will explain simple link building techniques that you can do as a beginner and without specific link building technology. 

Attracting Natural Links

Any link that occurs organically is a natural link. This means that there’s no payment involved, no tracking parameters and no redirects via monetization tools. The best way to gain natural links is to publish something that is link-worthy. How do you do that? This next point might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many businesses expect to build quality link profiles without achieving this first.

Quality Content for Quality Links

By selling quality products, providing fantastic service and presenting both via a user-friendly, attractive website, you will gain links organically. Think about the most successful, well-known brands in the world (Apple, McDonalds, Nike etc.). These companies provide a supreme service and sell products that everybody wants. People talk about these products naturally every day, offline and online. So, if you want to build lots of high quality links, you need to start by providing high quality content that people want to link to. On top of stellar customer service and user experience, strive to deliver to your customers something that none of your competitors do. Whether it’s an essential how-to post, or an innovative e-commerce feature that facilitates shopping online, aim to wow customers and give them something to talk about.

Back to Basics

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter how good you are at the other link building techniques, if your product, service, or website is no good, who would want to recommend them? At the end of the day that’s what a link is, a recommendation to your business. So, treat your website like you would a brick and mortar store. Make sure it looks fantastic and that customers can easily find what it is they are searching for. When they do buy something, ensure the process is simple and informative. Keep your customers happy and links will follow.

Link Building Via Outreach

Now that you have laid the foundations for attracting natural links, it’s time to start actively building links. Outreach is probably the most talked about link building technique. Unfortunately, some beginners are baffled by this concept and avoid it for fear of doing it wrong. The truth is it’s really simple. All you are doing is searching for websites that would likely link to your site and building relationships with them. If you can establish a working relationship it will be easy to get links back to your site. 

What Should I Say?

Simply reach out with an introductory email and strike up a conversation about what your businesses have in common and why you should work together. Remember that link worthy content you created? Tell them about it! It may take practice but once you establish your voice and find the right connections it will be really easy for you. 

Finding the Right Sites for Link Building

Websites that would likely link back to yours are those that fall under the same (or similar) category. For example, if your site sells watches, you should look for jewellery sites, fashion sites, gifting sites etc. Although, you need to go a bit deeper than that. Let’s say you sell high end men’s watches that are in the luxury price range. You could target other luxury websites that don’t have anything to do with fashion. Another option could be a website for people who collect vintage sports cars. The readers of this site will be predominantly male who likely have lots of disposable income, AKA your target market for men’s luxury watches. The idea is to think about who visits the target website and if they would be interested in your content. 

How to Reach Out

When reaching out for link building, you want to introduce yourself and your brand, then explain why you think you would work well together. Outreach is simple because you don’t need to create unique content for this connection. The target website can simply link to one of your products, or your homepage, or any page that they think is relevant and their users will be interested in. It may be that you are offering a special promotion or launching a new product. Regardless, you want to establish a long lasting relationship so that you can work with them continuously into the future. 

Guest Blogging & Link Building

Similarly to outreach, guest blogging is when you reach out to sites that will likely link back to you. However, this time you are creating unique content (containing a link to your site) that will be published on the target website. This is a much more personal exchange as you will be an individual writing for their brand as opposed to a representative of your brand suggesting you work together. Guest blogging requires much more work and likely adherence to set rules and policies laid out by the target website. 

Finding Guest Post Opportunities

When looking for guest post opportunities, some SEOs are under the misconception that you should only target websites actively seeking guest writers. Instead, you should target all websites relevant to yours. Many will accept guest writers (if the content is good enough) but don’t advertise it. Contact everyone who is suitable and try not to get put off by rejection. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you don’t need to be an experienced SEO to build links to your website. All you need is a good product, a great site, and extensive knowledge of your industry. By following the simple steps above you can start building quality links to your website. 

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