Tips for Email Marketing During a Pandemic

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Email marketing during a pandemic is one of the most efficient and effective ways to communicate with your consumers. It is important you use this this channel wisely and not to the detriment of your business.

It’s no news that there is a global pandemic. Coronavirus (named COVID-19) has spread across the globe at an alarming rate after originating in Wuhan, China. This has lead to many countries being put under lockdown by their government to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

The reality for many people now involves working from home, working on a reduced team. In some cases not working at all. This global crisis has created unprecedented challenges that most businesses probably never expected to be facing in 2020. This coronavirus has impacted supply chains, consumer buying behaviour, media consumption habits and the global economy. However, it is how you and your business react during these times which matter.

Along with the rest of the world, this is uncharted territory for many marketing teams. It is essential that you are adapting your company’s marketing strategy. This should reflect the new world that we now live in. This is also applicable to your email marketing strategy

Act Quickly

Firstly, it is important to retain your customer base during these times of crisis. It is crucial that you act quickly. Communicate how your business is being effected by the current situation. You need to let your customers know what you are doing to make sure your staff and customers are safe. Whether this is closing your store, reducing your staff numbers or working from home. Show your customers that you are taking the situation seriously. 

Be Compassionate

Next, as a business you need to be compassionate. Consider how your community and customers are being effected by this global pandemic. It is important that you reschedule or cancel any email campaigns which may be insensitive and inappropriate. This will ensure your brand image will not be tarnished.

On the other hand, reports have shown that consumers are appreciating some joy to their inboxes. So, if you have something light hearted in the pipeline. Feel free to share. If you are involved with projects which are helping the community or your local health service inform your consumers. Let them know ways in which they can get involved too, if they so wish.

Build Relationships

Lastly, do not use this time to take advantage of your customers. Consumers buying habits have changed during this time. Instead of pushing irrelevant products use this time to create useful campaigns that can help your community. Offer discounts where applicable. Still sell if that is doable for you and your business. But, as mentioned previously, be understanding of the situation and keep your emails relevant. This is the perfect time to promote your brand values. Instead of selling a product in every email try promoting content which engages your consumers and sparks conversation. Ultimately creating lasting relationships and loyal customers. 

To sum up, we are all trying to find our feet in this new world that we now live and work in. As marketers we need to remember to be compassionate. Email marketing during a pandemic is one of the key ways of keeping in touch with consumers. Although, it is essential that we reassess our email marketing strategies. Furthermore, reports are showing that consumers appreciate authenticity in times like these. Brands which are acknowledging the problem, being transparent and being honest with consumers are being the most successful.

Emma Sneddon
Hello, I'm Emma! I recently graduated from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen with a masters in Digital Marketing. I love all things fashion and have an undergraduate degree in Fashion Management. I am currently searching for a digital marketing role within the fashion industry and I am excited to see where my journey takes me next!