Top Tips for Starting a Business Blog


Top Tips for Starting a Business Blog

by girlsinmarketing

I’d like to introduce myself; I’m Hannah, and I’ve always been a writer. I would say it is well and truly written into my DNA. It is a crucial part of who I am as a person and its safe to say I understand fictional writing very well, and I run my own personal blog as well as creating marketing content for the agency I am employed by. When I first entered the marketing world it was a huge leap of faith; it was something that I had always wanted to pursue as it allowed me to have a platform for my creative writing and use it to help brands gain awareness. It’s an incredibly fun role and I love every single second of it.

Now enough about me, let’s get right down to it. Well, first of all, a blog can instantly set out what is important to a brand. It is a crucial first insight into the business and a potential customer can have a deeper understanding of what an organisation does and what they care about. What i’m really saying is a good blog is a super important marketing tool! It’s all about creating brand awareness, raising brand profile and ultimately selling that brand to potential buyers.

So I’m still learning the ropes and furthering my knowledge every day, but I wanted to show you guys the top five things I consider when creating blog content for a client.

1. Understand the brand message

Arguably this could be the most important thing to consider when writing a great blog post for a company, they want their message to come across well just as much as you want to write it well. Take time researching and really understanding the company you are writing for.

2. Plan Your Content Well

I always spend as much time as I can writing a plan for the content and ensuring all my research is going to flow well and come across in the best possible way as a blog post is often a consumers first insight into a company. If you need some help planning then we have the perfect resource for you, our Monthly Content Planner ensures you stay organised when planning your upcoming content.

3. Source Eye-Catching and Informative Graphics

People love having something to look at so they can visualise the company and visualise what they are all about. This is one of the first things that personally I look for in a company blog post. An organisation will more often than not have someone else that does this for them, but if you look on a company’s website you can get a feel for the graphic style that they normally go for.

4. Keep Your Content Relevant

In order to retain a potential customers interest, all blog content must be relevant to the organisations product or service; people are not going to retain interest in a blog post that constantly goes off topic and is irrelevant are they? This is a really important one!

5. Relax and Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

This is very important! I find grabbing a nice cup of coffee and having some quiet music on in the background helps me to focus properly and truly get into the creative zone. I mean, for me anyway, I can’t create great content without being relaxed and in the zone.

These tips are super important in creating an engaging piece of content for a brand. Engaging, interesting content can be the difference in an organisation retaining clients, to them potentially losing clients, so it is super important that content is framed in the right way and directed towards an organisation’s target market. Blogging is an incredibly informative yet super fun way to get a great product’s unique selling point across to a wide audience in away that grabs an audience’s attention and retains it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pearls of wisdom, and keep your eyes peeled for more.