Top Tips for Twitter Marketing

Twitter can be a powerful platform to grow your social presence and promote yourself. However, over 8000 tweets are sent out a second making it easy for your tweets to get lost in the social abyss.

The average lifespan of a tweet is roughly 18 minutes. Therefore, it is vital that your tweets make an impact on your audience and grab the attention of a user.

But how do you use Twitter to create the most effective marketing strategy? Here are some top Twitter Marketing tips for getting the most out of the platform and producing quality content that sticks around.

1. Utilise Your Profile

Consistency across social channels is a major part of improving your online presence. Using the same username and photo on all of your social profiles makes it easier to find you across all platforms.

Username is especially important on Twitter – due to the small character limit on Twitter, you’re more likely to get mentions if your handle is short and easy to remember.

Choose a Twitter handle that is as similar to your name as possible, avoiding any unnecessary numbers or punctuation marks to create a clean and catchy username.

It’s likely that for businesses the profile photo will be a logo. However, for individuals, it’s best to go for a professional photo as it will make you easily identifiable.

Don’t forget about the header photo too! This can be the place to promote brand awareness as well as unleash your creativity. Use this space to promote what you do and reflect your brand image.

2. Find Your Optimal Tweeting Times

Some research shows that Twitter engagement is 17% higher on weekends. However, other research shows that there is 14% more engagement on weekdays.

In terms of timing, most research agrees that between noon and 6pm is the best time for getting retweets and click-throughs. However, it is much more effective to find the best times for your audience.

Find the best time to post for you by tweeting at different times of the day and seeing what performs better. Think about when your audience tends to be active – will they be scrolling through their feed on their morning commute or during their lunch break?

Once you’ve found your optimal times, use these to get the best engagement on your tweets. You can even schedule tweets during these optimal times using sites such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

3. Find The Best Hashtags

Hashtags are a major part of what Twitter is about and it’s well known that tweets including hashtags perform better. In fact, tweets with hashtags gain 2x more engagement than tweets without.

However, the thing to remember is that relevance is key. Only add hashtags that fit with the context of what you’re writing without overusing your most popular hashtags.

To find hashtags that relate to your content, use websites such as Best Hashtags – this shows you the most relevant hashtags that are popular right now.

4. Add Images and Video

Adding images and video to your tweets creates more interesting content, meaning it’s more likely that people will engage with what you post.

Make sure that your media is:

  • Relevant to your content and brand
  • High quality
  • Related to your tweet

You can even Livestream on Twitter with video or just audio. Your followers will receive a notification when you go live, similarly to on Instagram and Facebook.

These livestreams will also automatically be posted as a tweet on your profile, so you can see how well your engagement rate is once you’ve stopped sharing.

5. Start Using The Advanced Search Option

The Twitter search feature has much more detail than you’d probably imagine – if you’re not using the advanced search already, start now!

To access the advanced search, type something into the search bar. Click the three dots icon next to the bar and you will see the advanced search option.

This allows you to search in much more detail, finding tweets:

  • Including exact phrases
  • Using multiple words at the same time
  • From particular accounts
  • With a minimum number of retweets, likes and other engagements
  • Mentioning a particular account
  • In an exact timeframe

You can use this search feature to find leads, easily identifying people searching for something you can help them with.

For example, if you find a person tweeting about how they have a new job opening in your location, you can reach out to them and promote yourself.

Suzie Letts
Hey, I’m Suzie! I’ve recently finished my undergraduate degree at King’s College London and currently work as a Social Media Marketing Officer for an international music summer school. As a musician, I love writing and performing everything from classical to musical theatre. I specialise in social media marketing in the arts, specifically music and I can’t wait to see where my journey in marketing takes me!