Tweaks I Would Have Made When I Was a Young Marketer

Tweaks I Would Have Made When I Was a Young Marketer

Whether you have graduated or started a fresh role the work place can be daunting as well as competitive. Marketing is for definite an area that requires constant evolvement of yourself and involvement with each other to keep on top of trends.

So you’ve nailed the basic necessities of your job; organisation, project management, nailing presentations etc. But what are some of the things that many do to stand out from the crowd? How can you go the extra mile at the start of your career and keep the consistency? 

The key word above is consistency; this word can mean a host of things but mainly establishes reliability, trust and predictability. Fortunately in the work place, predictability is a good trait which may lead to opportunity (time to forget the negative meaning derived from the dating world.) It indicates people know your way of thinking and can rely on you, taking accountable actions.

Reverting back to ‘going the extra mile,’ here are the 3 things I wish I’d engaged in when looking back at my career journey. 

Critical thinking

This is about identifying the problem and analysing the situation leading to developing an effective solution. I came to learn early on this skill proved more difficult whilst engaged in conversation and not to let strong emotions or personal bias take over. However in marketing this can also be a positive but play this by ear; depending on who you’re speaking to and what the conversation is about. More creative roles may need a mixture of critical and intuitive thinking. 

To improve this skill, a combination of practicing the below helps. Identify which aspects you need to build upon.

  • Active listening (listening and not thinking of your response at the same time)
  • Step back and analyse 
  • Developing foresight (foreseeing future decisions and the possible impact)
  • Being self-aware
  • Questioning 

Whether you’ve mastered each of these traits or want to better yourself more, practice does make perfect. Treat each meeting/ conversation as a learning curve, improve each one by analysing what you could have done better and by asking for feedback this will benefit you either way. 

Speaking up /sharing opinions 

Naturally at the beginning of a new job, speaking my true opinions was out of the question. I had misconceptions that I’d be seen outspoken in a negative way, too loud and possibly obnoxious. But this notion within yourself does change over time and having extra courage/guidance from managers will help. 

The main aspect of sharing opinions at work and in front of your bosses is to have the facts. Opinions without any factcheck won’t be of much use, you need the confidence and backup to prove your thoughts are worth taking into consideration. Alongside this timing is key, think of the scenario you are in, is this the right place and time to speak out? 

Being proactive beyond your role 

This one is for people who are extremely career driven. Marketing is a competitive place and personally felt I had to be looking for ways to enhance my skills further. This can of course become intense and tiring, therefore I’d suggest a little roadmap to really know how you can get to your desired place. Knowing your true motivation can also be the driving force and keep you on a happy track.

It is never too late to start a hobby, side hustle or a new career but do grab any opportunities that present themselves at work if you have a slight interest. Having the ability to go above and beyond your role enhances transferable skills, recognising new skills and wider thinking. 

‘’Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart
Shrima Patel
Hi! I’m Shrima, currently work in Brand Marketing. Combining my love for writing and marketing, I'm excited to be a part of this platform with an amazing network of female marketers. Apart from being an absolute beauty industry fanatic, I’m either gorging on chocolate for a snack, reading a good book or planning my next trip. So that's enough about me but hopefully I'll be able to help you through this journey!