Ways to Use LinkedIn and Boost your Personal Brand

LinkedIn Personal Boost

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to build your professional network and can often be a lead into finding new contacts and new opportunities.

Whilst LinkedIn is the perfect platform to build your professional network; like many tasks, you only get out of it what you put in. If you create a LinkedIn account and fill in your main profile and only log in a couple of times a year you won’t reap the benefits. 

From personal experience, since graduating university, I have treated LinkedIn like my online CV. So here are my top tips of how to use LinkedIn and what benefits can come from it.

Add relevant connections 

Adding relevant connections can boost what you see on your homepage and let you see relevant content. In a similar way to facebook, what pops up on your LinkedIn homepage is based on what your connections are posting and interacting with.

Adding your classmates or colleagues is the best first point of call when creating and setting up your profile but you could also think about expanding your connections further by adding recruiters and managers in the industry you’re getting into and also joining groups of like minded people and add people from within the group.

If you’re adding connections you don’t know specifically, but want them within your connections, whether they’ve posted a job advert you’re interested in applying for or you enjoy the content they’re posting, add a note to your request. First impressions count and you may then have a conversation starter to carry on chatting to them!

Always keep your profile up to date 

Since using LinkedIn as a professional platform, it is important to make sure you’re constantly updating your profile, as you would with a CV. If you’re open to new opportunities you can set this on your profile and may attract a recruiter looking for someone with your expertise in the future.

Interact with your connections 

If you’ve done anything you’re proud of that you think is worth shouting about, LinkedIn is the best place to push it out on.

Whether you’re taking part in learning development opportunities, have a blog to share or have some amazing graphics you’ve created, share it!

If people see content they like and interact with it, your profile reach will increase and could lead to further connections.

Utilise the Endorsements section on your profile

The skills and endorsements tabs is a great place for recruiters to see your evidenced skill set. When you set up your profile you can list your skills, which can help you if you ever apply for roles through LinkedIn as it will tell you how many of the top skills match the job you’re applying for.

As your network can ‘endorse’ you, get in touch with your friends and colleagues who can vouch how good you are at the skills you have.

The more endorsements you have on your profile shows proof of how good you are at the skills you have mentioned.

Keep it professional 

As LinkedIn is your professional social media outlet, make sure the content you’re posting is suited for the platform. As recruiters can easily access your profile, be mindful about the content you post as it can easily be found.