Using Research and Insight When Planning a Digital Marketing Campaign


Using Research and Insight When Planning a Digital Marketing Campaign

by Jemma Anderson

Planning a digital marketing campaign is crucial for achieving your company targets. As marketers, we know how important it is to segment and target our audiences strategically to position our brand effectively. However, getting to segment and target our audiences in the first place can be tricky. Below are a few top tips to ensure you are getting the most from gathering and utilising insight for your marketing campaigns:

Utilise Free Insight Tools

Platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram analytics are free and easy to use. Data about your audience demographics, location, peak traffic periods or even the browser used by your audience can be seen here. Obtaining this information helps you identify patterns and trends as to how or when your audience engages with your platforms. 

Use Social Media to Gather Insight

Hiring or engaging with research agencies can be pricey. Luckily, no matter if you’re a starting business or already in the deep end, you can conduct research using social media. Something as simple as creating an Instagram story is effective; often influencers use this tactic using the voting stickers to discover what their audience wants to see more of. When you post on social media, use a call-to-action within your content. Ask followers a question at the end of your caption so they’re likely to comment their opinion. Not only does this gather insight, but it creates high engagement for your brand.

Ask your customers and consumers to leave you a review! People value reading the truth about companies before they trust them. Post-purchase emails could be utilised to ask your customers to rate your service too. 

Go old School!

You can utilise traditional data gathering when asking for feedback from your customers too. Creating a basic survey using a free platform like Survey Monkey or printed record card can help you record your customer’s details. Do make sure you are handling this data under governmental regulations though!

How Do I Segment?

You can segment your customer in several ways. This includes segmenting by customer location, age, the amount they spend or the device they use. You must decide which of these is the most important element to you in defining your audiences. For example, if you run a business that offers family entertainment, then the obvious segmentation would be to group together all those consumers in your database who have children.

We highly suggest creating your ideal buyer persona. This is an outline of who your perfect customer would be. This way, you can create a target audience and then adapt planning your digital marketing campaign to this persona.

Why Should I Use Research and Insight?

Research and insight are important in helping you create targeted, consistent campaigns that appeal to your ideal consumer. Targeting your ideal customer can help push them further down the marketing funnel towards the purchase. In turn, your return on investment will likely be higher, meaning you are getting more for your money at every turn. It’s a no-brainer!