Video Marketing Trends of 2020

YouTube app on an iPhone

We are in the era of constant change. Digital Marketing is constantly following the influence of technology and it has changed the way in which marketers promote and market their organisations. Video marketing is a trend that has been on the rise over the past couple of years. There are always new technologies and ideas being introduced that marketers are incorporating into their digital strategy. 

Video has completely overtaken social media engagement, especially as so many people watch content on their phone. Video engagement is growing year on year. It’s important to research and keep on top of trends as much as you can. Here is my list of the video marketing trends of 2020 that are here to stay!

TikTok – The Most Popular Video Marketing Trend of 2020

We’ve all seen this new trend of people creating short clips to music and many of these becoming viral. Especially right now as so many people have so much more free time than before. TikTok is a platform that is quickly making its way through the marketing industry. Brands are now having to think of innovative ways to interact with their target audience. If your target audience is typically the younger generation ranging from 13-24, TikTok could be a great way to interact with your audience socially. It could be a mixture of videos that are created by the company or even user generated content. I’ve even started to see educational institutions incorporating these into their digital strategies now.

360 video 

360 cameras are becoming a more accessible piece of equipment and a great product to incorporate when thinking about marketing. Both 360 cameras and VR are slowly on the rise in terms of marketing. Consumers are wanting more personalised experiences when it comes to interacting with a brand and a 360 video gives you the ability to see a room or a location and be able to view it from every possible angle. You could incorporate this by giving your audience a tour of your office or venue. It’s providing a more immersive experience and is more effective as the consumer is engaging a lot more.

Live video 

Live videos at this specific moment in time seem to be as relevant as ever. It is a way to give your audience the most authentic experience possible. There are many ways where you can use live videos in your marketing strategy. Whether you run regular events and you want people to experience it, even if it’s online or your company might be launching a product and you want to introduce a first look. Live video is a way to interact with the audience you already have. Plus you can also build up that relationship of trust and show the consumer that as a brand you’re authentic. 

Instagram Stories 

Incorporating videos into your instagram strategy, specifically on Instagram stories is still an ongoing trend. Adding videos to your content gives your social media more variety and it also ensures your followers will view your content. With it being a place where you can only access the information for 24 hours, it’s a great way to publish urgent announcements and also a good way to show what is happening here and now. The added function of highlights on Instagram means you can utilise the content you post into categories and later separate them into highlights where your audience can find bursts of information.

Soundless videos 

I recently posted a blog giving you the top tips on creating videos for social media which you can view here. One of the tips I mentioned was using subtitles if you have any form of speaking in there. There have been plenty of studies that show a high percentage of people watch videos with the sound off when they’re using their mobile so it’s important to remember when thinking about using video. You may want to utilise subtitles or even think about not having any speaking in there at all.

Under the circumstances of 2020 so far, I think this year will definitely see people turning to more digital solutions and video is a visual way of showing your audience what your brand has to offer. Video marketing trends of 2020 will continue to evolve as we continue to love how video content is portrayed.