Ways to Use Video to Leverage Your Social Media Content

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Ways to Use Video to Leverage Your Social Media Content

by Danielle Wallace

“My Facebook page doesn’t get any likes.” 

“Why isn’t my Instagram page growing? I post consistently.” 

There is one thing missing from the equation and that’s video. 

The truth is, social media has changed so much over the past decade! It’s gone from people admiring posts with photos or simple words to people fully engaged in valuable social media video. As a former reporter, I know far too well how this rings true, which is why I want to share 3 ways that you can use video to leverage your social media content. 

1. Live Video

It’s no secret that people love being in on the action or catching information in real-time. This is why LIVE video is so popular these days on Facebook and Instagram. Using video in general on social media establishes you as an expert. However, using LIVE video helps you connect a bit more with your audience by answering questions, inviting other users onboard for interviews, or showcasing an event that you’re attending. It’s in the moment and uncut which helps you build the know, like, trust component. 

2. Recorded Video

If you’re a little bit camera shy and fear that you’re going to stumble over words, maybe taking baby steps into LIVE video is your option. Recorded video is totally fine if you’re afraid of going LIVE. If you do record your videos, don’t fret if you mess up, just keep going and edit the bloopers later. I love recorded videos for those moments when I want to add special effects to videos as well. 

3. Instagram Stories and IGTV

Oh my, how Instagram has changed, especially since the introduction of Instagram Stories. I mentioned earlier that stagnant posts can only get you so far. This is extremely true on Instagram. The platform has so many features that it wants you to use for your business. I believe if we use these features, your content begins to take priority in your audience feeds.

If you’re stuck on what to talk about in your Instagram Stories, consider daily tips, weekly tips, Friday Introductions, behind the scenes activity, etc. These will all keep your audience engaged. As for IGTV consider something a bit longer to talk about. Maybe come up with a weekly series on a topic that could help your audience. The long-form app allows 10 minutes of video of time to most users. However, if you have a large following, your video time could be as long as 1 hour. Be sure to also swing your camera around because IGTV caters to vertical video. 

Whether you choose one platform to use video on or both Facebook and Instagram remember to step outside of the box and get creative. More importantly, don’t compare your video content to others! Continue to grow in your space and provide value to your audience. 

Additionally, don’t get discouraged if 1 or 2 people are watching. Those 1 or 2 could become your clients or they could tell others about you. No matter how you feel about video, show up and provide for you audience because video is here to stay.

Written by Danielle Wallace