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We have a range of our own upcoming webinars and workshops which you can check out on our Events page and then we have shared others ones we love below.

What’s great about these is that they’re readily available and it’s a totally new way of digesting information and knowledge about the marketing industry. After you’ve watched the ones you like the sound of, make sure you come back soon as we’re updating these as regularly as possible.

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Strategy to Drive Website Traffic and Sales – Girls in Marketing

Fancy learning more about how Pinterest can drive a high amount of traffic to your website and even convert into sales? Olivia, founder of Girls in Marketing, covers all you need to know about the ultimate Pinterest marketing strategy that will change your marketing plan, forever. This webinar is around an hour during this time, Olivia talks about using Tailwind for scheduling Pinterest pins, how to create the perfect Pin that will get lot’s of clicks and impressions as well as answering Q&A’s too.

How to Get to the Top of Google – Expose Ninja

Do you want to brush up on your SEO skills and get your website (or your clients website) to the top of Google? Tim from Expose Ninja chats all about how to do it. The webinar is around 50 minutes and Tim chats about various case studies he’s worked on and how you can implement these strategies for yourself. Even if you’re a beginner marketeer, it’s worth watching and brushing up on a digital skill.

Content Marketing Strategy and Web Presence Management – Joe Pulizzi

Watch Joe as he discusses the perfect content marketing strategy. Plus, how to make sales on your website through content and web presence. This webinar is a little older than what you may like but the points raised are still true. It’s a great watch and Joe humour definitely makes the topic seem fun and exciting (if it wasn’t already). If you’re a content marketeer or someone wanting to get into content then this is the perfect webinar to watch.

Tips for Successful Paid Search Campaigns – MNA Digital

Whether you’ve got a business or you’re paid media marketeer, using these quick tips given by MNA Digital, you’re sure to find success. During the webinar they discuss the details of paid search. This is great for beginners but also a nice refresh for anyone already in the industry too. These tips are super helpful and hopefully if you’re able to implement them, you’ll see the results discussed too.

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