What Role in Marketing is Right for Me?

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So you’re looking to secure yourself an entry level job in marketing, where on earth do you begin! You may be coming to the end of your degree in marketing and want to take the logical next step, but not sure where to specialise. On the other hand, you may be completing your degree in Journalism and Media and want to pursue both these subjects together. 

The beauty of the marketing industry is the vast amount of jobs you can do within it, but this can also be overwhelming!

It can be hard to know what role will suit you and your skills – both long and short term. What some agencies might call an account executive, others may call a campaign planner, and if you work for a brand these job titles may change all together. Think about what you enjoy, are you a Photoshop pro with an eye for creativity? Or do you love data and it’s the results that drive your motivation? 

First up, what does a marketeer do? 

At a base level, people who work in a marketing role are promoting and selling a product or service. Everyone from designers, to planners and direct sales teams all work towards this, using different tools and techniques.

One of the most important skills of a marketeer is to be agile, and have the desire to learn. Our industry changes so quickly, from new emerging platforms to market on, to the way our audiences engage with it. It Is vital you not only grow with the industry as it adapts, you need to move with audience behaviours to ensure they buy your product or service. 

Next, getting your foot in the door.

This might sound self explanatory, but the best piece of advice I can give is to ensure you are taking every opportunity that comes your way. Get yourself noticed in a creative way – market yourself to the company you want to work for to show your skills! Change your CV to their brand colours, network on LinkedIn and show them how eager you are to learn. 

Agencies are a good place to start in marketing. Entry level jobs are clearly advertised, you learn quickly and have the opportunity to take on new projects and potentially move between departments. They are also great because they’ll have a huge range of clients across different sectors, so you can learn how different marketing strategies will work across different brands. 

Agencies come in all shapes and sizes, some of the most well known agencies will have big names for clients that you’ll recognise, and mid-to-smaller size agencies will work with brands you might not have.

Try finding a mid-size agency (around 50 members of staff), you’ll get more exposure to client communication, be involved in campaign planning and have the opportunity to volunteer yourself to help people out from across the whole business. In larger agencies you might end up being a cog in a wheel. 

One thing brands and agencies have in common is the different teams. From content marketing, influencer marketing, digital marketing and brand marketing for example. 

What job is right for me? 

You’ll soon find out what floats your boat, there’ll be parts of marketing you’ll love, and others you won’t enjoy so much. As an entry level account exec, campaign exec, marketing exec you might have to just suck it up for a few months! You might really look forward to the weekly creative brainstorm, and really dislike scheduling social posts, for example. 

As well as doing your day to day job, you’ll also learn a lot from people in the industry you speak to, and the people you work with. The digital teams will cross over with the influencer teams, and all of the same tactics and disciplines you learn in your role will be transferable skills.

You’ll find there are job titles out there you didn’t even know existed and that’s where searching on Indeed and other job sites can be confusing… Here’s just a few job titles I’ve seen over the past few years! 

Social Innovation Manager 
Head of Influence 
Queen of Influencer Marketing 
On-boarding Executive 
Marketing Manager (Families) 
Campaign Success Manager 

Top Tips & Takeaways

It’s ok not to know what marketing role is right for you right now. You are starting out, you have the time to learn what you enjoy and be fussy! Learn the skills, but do what you enjoy within marketing. Here are some key take-aways for you:

  1. Don’t take job titles on face value!  
  2. Get LinkedIn! Build a good profile with connections and examples of your work.
  3. Look at everyone’s email signatures for job titles. Recognise where your personality could fit. 
  4. Don’t specialise too early. The industry changes too quickly! 
  5. Don’t be afraid to volunteer yourself for things you want to work on. This will help your career.
  6. Read, read read! Subscribe to marketing titles – The Drum, Campaign, Marketing Week and Girls in Marketing!