Why Agencies Should Practice the Content Marketing Strategy they Preach

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Why Agencies Should Practice the Content Marketing Strategy they Preach

by Maddy Swift

It’s a well-known fact that marketing agencies always go above and beyond for their clients, so why not do this for themselves?

In a digital era where agency competition is at an all time high, it has never been more important for agencies to practice the content marketing strategies they preach.

……To put it simply, agencies need to treat themselves as their own client!

Why is a content marketing strategy so important I hear you ask?

Marketing is almost impossible without great content. Having a solid content marketing plan is an important tool to help support and complement any marketing campaign, however big or small. Whether it be in the form of regular blog posts, ‘how to’ video tutorials or a killer monthly newsletter; content marketing can help increase the visibility of a brand and develop lasting relationships with an audience.

Now this all sounds very familiar from a client’s point of view, but what about an agency? Should they be practising the content marketing strategies they preach to their clients? The answer is YES  – let’s take a look at the reasons why and how best it implemented within an agency.

Attracts in New Business

Okay, let’s ask you a question. Would you go and visit a dentist who had neglected their teeth? No, I thought not. Well the same principle can be applied to an agency’s content marketing strategy. What better way to demonstrate the skills that you offer than by practising it yourself. Having a robust presence online can sometimes be the client’s deciding factor between you and another agency. Client’s want to see you market your own business and show off the recent work your team have produced. Thanks to free online networking platforms such as LinkedIn, this can now be an effortless process.

Attracts Great Talent

You don’t want to just work for great clients, but with great people who are ambitions and driven. Marketing an agency like a client will not only attract new business but also new talent that want to be a part of a winning business and help it grow even further.

Keeps internal marketing skills up to date

Above all else, practising internal content marketing will help agency staff stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques within the ever-changing industry. Maintaining up-to-date marketing skills will help agencies stay one step ahead of their competition and can even provide a platform to practice any strategies before implementing the successful ones for their client.

So now you understand why we do it, let’s looks at how…

3 Top Tips to help agencies practice what they preach

1. Allocate resources internally

Whether it’s an individual’s responsibility to take on an agency’s internal content marketing or if this task is split up over several team members, this is important to implement early on. The reason for this is that it provides your internal strategy with some accountability and ensures it is proactively driven through production.

2. Treat your internal tasks as you would a client brief

It’s extremely easy for internal agency projects to be pushed back when an urgent client brief lands in your inbox. While in most instances the client’s request comes first due to the obvious monetary value, it is still important to try and push through the planned agency projects as this too will inevitably bring in value to your agency ‘brand’ in the long run. Why not try set up a timings plan for each internal project and ensure this is regularly reviewed to help you stay on track.

3. Put yourself on a retainer

Treating yourself like a retainer client is a tactic which can help push an agency to review the content they are producing and determine if improvements are required based on recent successes/losses. For example, did a specific blog post or page on the website help attract a new client? If yes, then it may be worth exploring this type of content marketing further. On a more top-line view, treating yourself as a client can keep you in check for important award entry submissions or new case studies that you wouldn’t want your client to miss out on, so why should you?

Key take-away

Put in as much effort into your internal content marketing strategy as you do with your clients. This will take up time, internal resources and may even require some investment from the agency but the potential benefits of this will be worth it – I promise you! After all, why go under the radar when you have so many brilliant things to shout about!