Why Marketing is Magic For Online Business Owners


Why Marketing is Magic For Online Business Owners

by girlsinmarketing

Why is Marketing Important?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you will know how powerful a resource Social Media is for your business marketing strategy. But its power is only as good as the strategy that is being implemented. You literally have the world at your fingertips and with that 7 odd billion potential clients available to you however, if your marketing strategy is poor, I have a truth bomb for you: you won’t be successful and you still won’t get a single sale.

Tips to Make Your Marketing Magic

Know Your Niche

You will often hear other online business owners talking about how important it is to know your niche. And there’s good reason for this. Long gone are the days of just pretty pictures on Instagram. Your dream clients want to be inspired or educated and they will only achieve this if the content you are producing resonates with them. You need to do your market research here – hop on IG stories, create polls or just simply ask people what they’re struggling with right now when it comes to their business.

People Buy from People

In a world full of online businesses, it’s quite obvious you need to stand out. But again, you don’t need the fanciest of pictures or perfect branding to achieve this. People buy from people. You need to step away from the mask that you’re wearing and show yourself to your dream clients. Hop on IG stories and show them what a day in your life involves. Show your clients the fun side of you as well as the business side. In the majority of cases people buy from you because they like you and have similar interests. But they won’t know that if they don’t see it!

Position Yourself As An Expert

This sounds scary but I promise you it’s not. The aim here is to be the ‘go to person’ in your niche. So if someone needs a Social Media Manager or a Life Coach for example, you are the person that is recommended. To do this, you have to market yourself as the expert. Connect with people, give advice or tips, provide free mini training on IG stories, show your dream clients the work you’ve done and post testimonials you’ve received from people you’ve worked with in the past. All of this creates credibility and authenticity and positions you as the expert.

Written by Sam from The Social Wellbeing

Sam is a confidence coach for online female business owners. Her passion and purpose is to empower women to connect, convert and show up for their business with confidence and my mission is for every woman out there with an online business to feel confident with every single aspect of their business, from captions to content and sales to IG stories. And that is where marketing magic happens!