Why You Need to Have a Consistent Branding Strategy


Why You Need to Have a Consistent Branding Strategy

by Shrima Patel

Having a consistent branding strategy is integral, yet overlooked on occasion. Why? Because most non-marketers think it is the logo, name, slogan and the visual identities that go along with this. In reality, it’s the bare minimum that should be represented across your ATL and BTL marketing. Climbing the career ladder can also mean the need of having to prove your brand strategy tactics are worth the time and money. Measuring success is more difficult than you think in this area. 

This gives all the more reason to have a consistent branding strategy. A brilliant example of this is Nike. In a nutshell, they’ve claimed trust, and shown their brand is more than a logo. The customer can also proudly & confidently claim Nike as part of their own personal identity. The important part is that Nike has remained consistent for years, not just months; playing the long game in branding will keep paying off.  

Here are our top three reasons why you need to have a consistent branding strategy:

Build Trust

People will base trust they have in someone from past behaviours and the same goes for your brand. With access to high-speed internet; potential customers will have the ability to search for any claims you’re making and spot any contradictions. Therefore, make sure any new campaigns, launches and posts live up to the messaging. Think about if you need PR to create a natural flow of what the customer is shown.  

E.g. BLM movement; rapidly posting darker skin models on the social media page without the prior posting of women of colour may come with backlash without a statement and distrust.   

Differentiation from Competitors  

With all the small tactics in place, make sure the brand is adapting to stand out from the crowd in its own way. Reassess, control and adapt the strategy.   

Differentiation also makes the brand instantly recognisable (with a robust long-term plan of course) and customers are able to differentiate your brand from another easily if they’re seeing you in the right places all the time.  

Gives Focus for Employees  

This is an important point to make towards employees. Everyone is part of representing the brand; towards clients, customers and peer to peer, therefore if each person is understanding of the brand’s vision, mission and values, they will know how to communicate externally within their function.  

Being consistent in your brand strategy also shows you’re keeping control of any internal and external communications. Remember this brand strategy funnel next time you’re strategizing or re-looking at the plan; 

  1. Awareness – Maximise your reach through platforms 
  1. Positioning – Review the frequency of your content  
  1. Brand Knowledge – Make your messaging & USP strong 
  1. Expertise – Deliver on your message & USP  
  1. Loyalty – Follow up/ Ongoing dialogue  

We hope this blog has helped you with having a consistent branding strategy. You can read about ‘10 Strategic Ways to Build Your Brand‘, and more, on our blog!