Everything You Need to Know About Working with Influencers

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More and more brands are choosing work with influencers. Certainly, every brand hopes to capture the attention of the influencers following and overall, benefit their business. If this is something you have decided to pursue, finding the right influencer is key. 

This post explores simple actions you can implement to help find the best influencers for your brand. In addition to, the first steps you need to take into launching your collaboration. 

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Goals, goals goals 

There’s a lot more work to be done. You shouldn’t just reach out to the first influencer you come across and send them some products. Think about what specific goals you hope to achieve by working with an influencer. Obviously, this will differ from brand to brand but it is important to identify what you are aiming for.  

  1. Is it to increase product or service sales?
  2. Maybe you want to increase traffic to your website or social media platforms?
  3. Or perhaps, is it to aid a specific social media campaign of your brand?

Identity your goals. Following this, it’s time to find the BEST person who can help you reach those all important targets.

Finding the perfect person 

There are literally thousands if not millions of influencers out there. It can be overwhelming knowing who to reach out to first and how. 

Start local 

For anyone new to the influencer game why not start off by keeping things local to your area. There could be great influencers right on your doorstep. The benefits of working with a local influencer can include their desire to support local businesses. They might be more likely to feel connected to your brand.

Simple searches to identify influencers in your nearest City are a good way to start. It can be as easy as a web engine search. Search for the name of ‘YOUR CITY’ followed by the phrase ‘BLOGGER’ or ‘INFLUENCER’. This can bring up a range of results. This may include, websites belonging to local influencers or articles highlighting the most popular influencers in your area.

Hashtag search 

If nobody local seems to be standing out to you via search engines take things a step further? Start a good old fashioned social media search using hashtags that are relevant to your brand. This will bring up a huge range of results from people all other the world. Such a volume of results can be overwhelming. However, you’re just going to have to take the time reviewing the findings. View the content and profiles of the posters to see if you’re any closer to finding that perfect influencer. 

Hashtags to get you started could include: #ad, #blogger, #sponsored, #influencer or something specific to your brand such as #beautyblogger or even something specific to your location like #scottishblogger 

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Do your research 

So by now you’ve probably come across a few influencers. Who, judging by their content and aesthetic you’d love to work with. However, don’t get caught up in the array of beautiful feeds and the numbers of likes and followers. Dig a little deeper to see if they are going to be right for your brand! Ask yourself;

  1. Does the influencer target the same audience as your brand? (This is SO, SO IMPORTANT. If your goal is to reach your target audience then it is vital that your influencers are reaching the same audience you want to tap into. IF your goal is to expand into new audiences previously untouched by your brand then obviously it doesn’t matter so much.)
  2. Does the influencer seem to hold values similar to your brand?
  3. Does the influencer seem authentic and somebody you would want to work with? 
  4. How’s their engagement? Do they get many post likes/comments/retweet’s etc from actual people and not bots or irrelevant pages.

Asking yourself these simple questions should give you a clear idea of whether the influencer is suitable. Then it’s time to get the ball rolling and get in touch!

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Reach out 

Make sure you contact the influencer in a friendly and genuine manner. Briefly explain your brand and why you’d love to work with them. Make it snappy and give them a reason to respond. Ask for an email address or point of contact for taking things further.

Make a proposal 

If the influencer has decided they’d like to work with your brand it’s time to get a proposal in order. Clearly state how you are going to work together. The influencer needs to know how exactly you want them to work for their brand. Many established influencers will already let you know what services they offer. Decide will it be a blog post, a video, a social media takeover, an invitation to a workshop/event, a social media post, a giveaway, a review, or a discount code on their site etc? 

Make an Influencer Agreement

Once the influencer has agreed to your proposal an Influencer Agreement is essential. This basically ensures it is clear what your brand as well as the influencer are offering.

This protects both your brand and the influencer, leaving no room for miscommunication.

Be sure to include what you are giving the influencer. This may be products, payment or a percentage of sales from an affiliate link. Include the names of your social media accounts, hashtags or links etc they must use in posts and stories. Be sure to include deadlines. For example, if you are sending an influencer a new product you’ve launched for Christmas they need to upload their content in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Whenpeople are shopping, not in January when the holiday is over. Any reputable influencer will not mind recieving an Influencer Agreement. If anything it promises that both of you will get the most out of your partnership. 

Measure success 

Following the Influencer Agreement stage hopefully the influencer has set to work. . It is then vital that you measure the success of this. This will let you know if it is worthwhile working with the particular influencer again. Basically, measuring your success will indicate what you would do differently next time round. Ask yourself;

Did you reach the goals you had set out to achieve by working with the influencer?

See how we’ve come full circle? This is why you set your intended goals at the beginning of process. That way you can clearly understand whether working with influencers is right for you! If you have met your goals then FANTASTIC. If unfortunately you haven’t, don’t be disheartened. Start looking into the specific reasons of what went wrong or why the influencers audience didn’t respond to your brand.

Moving forward

Hopefully this blog has demonstrated that planning is everything. If you are clear about what you want to achieve, take the time finding suitable influencers for your brand and then effectively decide how they are going to assist your mission, then there’s nothing holding you back!

Ellen Grimshaw
Hi, I’m Ellen a PR & Events Manager from Belfast, Ireland. I’m passionate about all things Marketing and can’t wait to see where my career will take me!