23 marketers to follow in 2023

And just like that 2022 is nearly over! It’s been a whirlwind of a year and we’ve seen some huge changes in the marketing industry.

For us at Girls in Marketing, this year has seen the relaunch of our Girls in Marketing podcast and huge growth in our member’s community. We have some exciting things launching in 2023 so make sure you’re following us on LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for a whole new bunch of inspirational marketers to follow on LinkedIn going into 2023, look no further. From Marketing Directors and Founders to Marketing Students, we’ve created the ultimate list of 23 marketers to follow in 2023 to ensure your timeline is bursting with knowledge.

Note: this is by no means a full or comprehensive list, nor is it in any particular order.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get inspired…

Anu Adegbola

As a previous Girls in Marketing Podcast guest, Anu is a PPC genius. She is currently a Paid Search Account Director at Marin Software and Founder and CMO of PPC Live UK – London’s only locally run and reproduced PPC-focused event aimed at practitioners.

Connect with Anu on LinkedIn here.

Lidia Infante

Lidia is a Senior SEO Manager at Sanity.io and an all-around SEO enthusiast. With a previous background in psychology, Lidia uses her expertise in marketing and psychology to champion women in the workplace and actively works to equalise the gender seniority gap in the industry.

Connect with Lidia on LinkedIn here.

Isobel Cowell

It’s likely that you’ve seen Isobel’s LinkedIn posts before. She is the Head of Social at Kurogo and also the Founder of Dear Future Marketer. Definitely give her a follow on LinkedIn for marketing inspiration with a dose of the realities of being a manager.

Connect with Isobel on LinkedIn here. 

Follow Dear Future Marketer on Instagram here.

Hayley Williams

Hayley is a bright, enthusiastic digital marketer with a strong passion for the marketing space. she currently works as a Digital Marketing Assistant at Blue Cactus Digital and shares honest and transparent insights into her life as a digital marketer.

Connect with Hayley on LinkedIn here.

Fiona Bradley

All hail the queen of content marketing, Fiona Bradley! Fiona is a long-time friend of Girls in Marketing and featured in season three of our Girls in Marketing Podcast. She is the Founder and Director of FB Comms, an award-winning digital marketing agency with a team of four.

Connect with Fiona on LinkedIn here.

Chima Mmejee

Chima is a Freelance SEO Content Strategist & Writer, specialising in the SaaS industry. If you’re looking for SEO tips or need any keyword guidance, Chima is the person to go to on LinkedIn.

Connect with Chima on LinkedIn here.

Lily Veale

If you’re looking for purpose-led content, look no further. Lily prides herself on creating positive cultures within workplaces and championing positive culture. Lily is set to start a new role in January 2023 and we can’t wait to see her progress.

Connect with Lily on LinkedIn here.

Keira Penney

As an integral part of our team, Keira is making moves in the marketing industry, With a recently started YouTube channel covering her life as a degree apprentice, we’re excited to see her growth as a new marketer in the field.

Connect with Keira on LinkedIn.

Follow Keira on Instagram.

Chloe Wong

With a breadth of knowledge in the PPC world, Chloe Wong is part of the award-winning PPC team at easyJet. As a Group Paid Search Manager, Chloe knows everything about PPC and was a guest of Season Three of our Girls in Marketing Podcast too! Listen here.

Connect with Chloe on LinkedIn.

Amanjit Heer

As the ex-Head of Social at Kelloggs, there is no denying that Amanjit knows her stuff when it comes to social media. She is now Director and Social Media Specialist at We Heer You spreading her social media magic with all their clients.

Connect with Amanjit on LinkedIn here.

Becca Vines

Becca is a Marketing Executive at Curaden UK and she is currently studying towards a CIM Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing. As a loyal member of The Girls in Marketing Membership, Becca is one to watch in the marketing space in 2023.

Connect with Becca on LinkedIn here.

Sophie Neary

There is no doubt that Sophie is a change-maker in the marketing industry. As a passionate advocate for women’s health in the workplace, Sophie is a great person to follow to see how you can champion other women every day too. Currently, she is Group Director UK&I at Meta.

Connect with Sophie on LinkedIn here.

Follow Sophie on Instagram here.

Rebecca Benn

Rebecca is a long-time friend of Girls in Marketing since meeting our Founder, Olivia, at a SocialNorth event. With over 16 years of experience in data and technology, Rebecca is someone to connect with if you’re a data enthusiast!

Connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn here.

Rachael Higgins

We’re sure you’ve seen Rachael around on LinkedIn before! Rachael is the Founder of Because of Marketing and the go-to person to chat about marketing campaigns with. Make sure to follow her for the ultimate marketing campaign inspiration!

Connect with Rachael on LinkedIn here.

Follow Because of Marketing here.

Charlotte Brand

If you’re interested in working on your personal brand or looking to level up your content marketing game, Charlotte is one to follow. She is the Founder of Dixie Digital and knows everything about organic growth.

Connect with Charlotte on LinkedIn here.

Rachel Allison

Rachel places diversity, inclusion & equity at the core of everything she does. She is the Founder of Axe&Saw, delivering purpose-driven communications for brands, organisations and individuals. With posts about leadership and positive team culture, Rachel is an inspiring marketer to connect with.

Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn here.

Beth Ward

Beth is an Account Manager with a love for all things social media marketing. If you’re looking for the latest social media updates, you need to connect with Beth.

Connect with Beth on LinkedIn here.

Charlotte Mair

Named one of AdAge’s 2021 Leading Women in Europe, Charlotte is making moves in the marketing and advertising sector. She is the Founder and Director of The Fitting Room, an ad agency where culture comes first.

Connect with Charlotte on LinkedIn here.

Harriet Tuite

Another great friend of Girls in Marketing and Paid Social Guru, Harriet is Head of Paid Social at Embryo. Harriet shares her top paid social tips alongside some realities of working in social media.

Connect with Harriet on LinkedIn here.

Lara Acosta

Lara is officially winning the organic marketing game! She is the founder of organic marketing agency, LA Digital, and prides herself on knowing exactly how to achieve organic growth. Sharing practical content marketing tips, Lara is a great person to connect with.

Connect with Lara on LinkedIn here.

Ellie Perkins

If you spend any time on LinkedIn, we’re pretty certain you’ve seen Ellie’s posts on your timeline. Ellie is a copywriting and SMM whizz with posts ranging from quick copywriting tips to raising mental health and ADHD awareness.

Connect with Ellie on LinkedIn here.

Vejune Cesnulyte

As a University Lecturer at the University of Coventry, Vejune invests plenty of time into becoming the best marketer she can possibly be. As an active member of the Girls in Marketing Membership, Vejune is a great person to connect with as she shares her marketing knowledge on LinkedIn.

Connect with Vejune on LinkedIn here.

Vic Banham

A round of applause for the queen on TikTok, Vic Banham! Vic is the co-founder of TikTok-first agency, Antler Social, who creates killer TikTok strategies for clients. Vic’s posts share insight into real-life case studies of brands using TikTok to transform their social strategies.

Connect with Vic on LinkedIn here.